back to article Lexmark C543DN colour laser

The boundary between colour inkjet and colour laser printers continues to blur, as the colour quality of lasers improves and the speed and paper-handling of inkjets is ratcheted up too. There’s a price-band in the middle, around the £200-250 mark, where colour lasers, like Lexmark’s C543DN, can make a lot of sense. Lexmark …


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  1. Sam York

    Lexmark has a solid technological base?!


    Like I suspect many other people, I have had one Lexmark printer, realised my mistake and will never again buy anything bearing the name, however cheap it is or how good it looks.

    Perfectly happy with Canon, HP, Epson or Samsung (for cheap lasers) but the Lexmark badge will never cross my threshold again.

  2. Gene Cash Silver badge

    @Sam York

    Oh hell yeah, I completely agree. I had a Lexmark that would just fall off the USB bus at random times and require a power toggle to appear again. How can you screw up something that standard?

    Plus I'm no longer dicking around with drivers or that CUPS nightmare. If it doesn't do postscript, it ain't a printer as far as I'm concerned, especially for a laser. My US$150 Brother does PS just fine.

  3. Brian


    Yeah cos no one has ever had any hassle with Canon, HP, Epson or Samsung have they ?? Get a life m8.

  4. Gaetan

    Lexmark on my "do not buy again" list

    I once made the mistake to buy a Lexmark C520N Color Laser printer. That thing literally eats the ink in the toner cartridges or the firmware is rigged to report near empty toner cartridges after about 20-50 pages. NEVER EVER will I buy Lexmark again. I almost printed 1000 pages on my HP LaserJet 3015 multi function printer before I had to replace the ink cartridge. At least as far as printer goes, HP does it for me.

  5. WonkoTheSane

    You lost me at "Lexmark"

    They are widely reported as stating that they have no intention of EVER producing Linux drivers.

  6. Bad Beaver
    Thumb Down

    Take me to the landfill, just like the year before, sha la la

    Hmmmm, 2500 prints? Seeing that your super low cost korean contender for what, €120?, will only get you some 1000 pages, with the refill clocking in at €130, spending 300 on something with likely better built quality seems almost logical *haaahahahahahahaha*

    No. Fuck this shit. Sell me something proper you dumbshits!

  7. Anonymous Coward
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    I will never again allow anything with the word "Lexmark" written on it in my house. My dad asked me to check whether one he had worked, so I stupidly connected it to my PC and installed the drivers. I uninstalled them afterwards.

    Nine months later, my Samsung printer starts playing up. Had various rows with Samsung, messed about no end, and in the end, it turned out that the crappy Lexmark thing hadn't entirely uninstalled. I had to fanny about in the registry, actually delete a service dependancy and delete some stuff in Safe Mode. And I'd been unfairly blaming Samsung all along.

    Has worked perfectly ever since.

  8. Rno

    Duplex reduces paper costs by half

    What about a 3 page job?

  9. Brian

    Funny to see all the whinging about inkjets...

    ...since by default, all inkjet printers are shite.

    @Sam: I've seen nothing but problems with HP printers since the demise of the LJ4 (the proper big one) line, they jam, they break, the output sucks and the toner is priced like it's made from cocaine. My friend's experience with samsung printers hasn't been good either - stripped gears and worn out feed rollers at a dismal 40k pages? That's only 8 months for a printer designed for 5k pages a month! When you can find a workgroup('cube') style printer with 600k+ clicks on 120gsm *cardstock*, with no servicing beyond the toner/drum, then you have found a quality printer. I de-installed some lexmark lasers in just this situation, although one of em only had 520k clicks.

    When I buy a printer, I do the smart thing, and buy a lightly used older model - my T520 may be a bit venerable, but at a mere 69k 'clicks', it's not even broken in. Best part is, I can buy new 20k page toner carts on ebay for $20 each - WITH shipping.

  10. Gerard Krupa
    Black Helicopters

    Lexmark aren't a printer company

    Clearly they're an ink company who sell printers as loss leaders

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