back to article IBM and ITIF pitch for $30bn to save America

As expected, a report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation think tank has called on Barack Obama and Congress to pump billions of dollars into IT infrastructure to help create jobs in America. As El Reg reported yesterday, top advisors for energy and technology were briefed by IBM's chairman and chief …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Amerindian Jobs?

    Really they want to save executive jobs, the rest of america is so deskilled they would have to start in the schools. If there are any American IT jobs left that are not project managers then they will get outsourced regardless.

    Wonder what the project managers will say, as its sureley their turn to be outsourced now .....

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Is this the same IBM that.....

    has moved most of its technical resources to India? Excuse me, wrong question. The question should be: is this the same IBM that has been offshoring far beyond what was realistic given the skill and language levels of the Indian workforce to a point where IBM itself is in danger of disappearing as customers are running away from them?

    Sounds like another bailout package is in order here.... After all, if IBM is going to be at the receiving end of such packages it's surely going to benefit their bottom line, as well as the, now dominant, offshored workers. But I'd like to see from IBM the number of those jobs that will be actually *created* by IBM in North America. Bet that the count is near zero, saving from one or two more seats on the executive board plus their support staff (read; secretaries, PR, etc)

    At least the auto makers are asking for the money using the excuse of keeping the USA jobs...

  3. uk086242

    But how much of that money...

    will be spunked away on consultancy fees alone in 'assisting' each of those 3 areas decide what they need? Spread that $30bn dollars out of over (potentially 10's of) thousands of businesses across the USA and you will be able to hear the consultants rubbing their hands together gleefully right across the pond here in the UK.

    ...How long have I got to get my visa sorted to get on that gravy train? :)

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