back to article Iomega aims at TVs with home server

Iomega has announced a home storage and media server that backs up files on connected PCs and plays digital media content to connected output devices. The Home Media Network Hard Drive (HMNHD) is a 500GB or 1TB hard drive, plus embedded processor running Linux and EMC's LifeLine software. It connects via gigabit Ethernet to a …


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  1. Jolyon Ralph
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    So, it doesn't actually play video files at all.

    It's just a glorified network hard disk. No video out or playback circuitry at all - just the ability to stream stuff to another device that does the hard work. For me that seems a tad overpriced.

  2. Joe K

    Probably as useless as the rest

    MKV support or don't even bother.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If this is supposed to both do backups of home PCs on the same network, and keep and serve media files, is it too much to ask for to have the option of setting it up in a RAID 1 or 5 configuration?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Bigger better faster

    1TB? Too small for me although it's not a bad price. The thought of off-siting my 1.5TB over my 1meg of broadband goodness scares me to death though. Someone needs to make a cheap and cheerful 2TB+ removable media that's not tape.

    And why does Outlook touch an archive file even if I don't read it?

    Mine's the one with a pair of Drobo's and a copy of robocopy in the pocket.

    Paris 'cos she knows how big it should be.

  5. Mark
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    @Probably as useless as the rest

    If MKV is what you're after choose the WD TV lump. It has the advantage of you choosing your drive/multiple drives, is cheap and can have it's firmware updated to play more formats as they come along. As a first go it seems impressive by all accounts and I'll be purchasing one myself for just these reasons (MKV taking over where DivX in AVI left off).

  6. KenBW2

    RE: Bigger better faster

    Thank you for that infoormative comment for you to willy-wave how big your collection is

  7. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge
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    Tomorrow's doorstop?

    So this is just a 1TB network drive? If it had RAID, you could put it in a safe place and use it for backups. If it had a command line, it could be a personal web server. If it was bigger, it could be used by multiple people. If it had AV support, it could be a DVR and multimedia center. What feature makes this of any use at all?

  8. Matt


    That'll take a while via ADSL!

  9. The Fuzzy Wotnot
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    Their budget desktop tape drives were crap! The ZIP drive lasted all of 5 mins, anyone remember the dreaded ZIP disk "click-of-death"? 1TB, well I have dumped about 20% of my DVDs to AVI and I have already filled 2TB on my server, as the world moves forward to higher quality video, 1TB will be pretty much useless other than for email and few word or spreadsheet docs!

  10. Chris Mellor

    Buffalo and DLNA

    I've learned that the LinkStation and TeraStation both support DLNA – all Buffalo products do. Buffalo is working on making this type of thing more apparent.

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