back to article Huawei E176 Micro SDHC-ready HSUPA 3G modem

Huawei is the big cheese in the world of USB HSPDA 3G modems, though you might not know it. It makes the modems the likes of Vodafone, BT, 3, T-Mobile and others stamp their own names on before selling them on. Among Huawei's latest offerings is the E176. It builds on last year's E170, upping the radio specification and adding …


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  1. Josh


    I was conned into buying one of these plus 3GB/3 months of Three PAYG coverage.

    It's almost unusably slow, even using stuff like OnSpeed, in an area where Three say I should get full 3G. My iPhone gives me four bars and full 3G browsing but I get - at best - one bar on my Mac and speed akin to 28.8 kbit/sec dialup.

    The Three supplied software is decent enough though it works by auto-playing from the internal USB read-only memory whenever you plug it in so you get a Finder window each time it is plugged in, instead of the software that you've already installed coming up. This behaviour can't be changed or doesn't seem to want to. No SMS capability on Mac either.

    In short, the modem is probably as described above, perfectly servicable with an antenna socket to boot (tho antennas not sold in Three shop, only onine at niche retailers), but be VERY VERY careful about what network you use as Three are to be avoided for data at reasonable speeds, even in full HSDPA coverage areas.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Three 3G speeds a DNS problem

    When you connect to Three's mobile broadband service and find it is ludicrously slow, I think you will find the culprit a faulty DNS server problem. If you manually set the DNS server addresses you will find that the service picks up. One seems to be really slow while one is 'normal'. Don't know why and it has been like this for years without Three doing anything.

    Here are the two sets of DNS addresses for the APN 3internet. Try both sets and see if any make a difference.

    Set 1:

    Set 2:

  3. Neoc

    Huawei 160

    I have a Huawei 160 (and, BTW, said USB-key already has a micro-SD slot and an external antenna slot, so why is this "new" for the 176?) and it works OK under Windows (once I de-activate auto-run to get rid of that damn pop-up).

    My biggest problem with the Huawei 160 is its lack of Linux drivers... Ubuntu 8.10 fixed that to some extent, but I have a EEE running 8.04 under WICD and the damn modem simply refuses to work.

    Sooooo.... does anyone know if the 176's Linux drivers mentioned in the article will work for a 160 under Ubuntu 10 running WICD? I'd try it myself, but I only just got the EEE to where I am happy with it and I admit the thought of potentially buggering it up with a buggy proprietary driver scares the willies out of me.

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