back to article Novo Minoru - the world's first 3D webcam

Big-name film directors Steven Spielberg and James Cameron seem to think that 3D is the future of the film industry. Sky predicts that it'll be broadcasting programmes in 3D within just a few years. And now you can get in on the act as well, thanks to Minoru – the world’s first 3D webcam. Yes, you do have to wear silly …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    So Youtube is going to be filled with 3D dongs?

    'tis truly the end of days

  2. Alex Walsh

    Your score is buggered

    Surely better than 0% though?

  3. Mark Broadhurst
    Thumb Down

    If you both have to wear glasses

    Then surely theres no point.

    You would just be looking another person in grey scale with 3d glasses on.

  4. James Le Cuirot
    Thumb Down


    I was expecting a bit more than 70s tech here. For something more interesting, look at Sharp. Their 3D LCD screens don't need stupid glasses. I have seen one of these for myself and the results are quite impressive. Admittedly, not everyone can afford one but it still makes this look like a gimmick.

  5. Geeks and Lies
    Thumb Up


    "So Youtube is going to be filled with 3D dongs?"

    Errr it already is!

  6. Greg

    You forgot a rating

    0%? Shurely not.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    It gets worse

    The alt text for the 0% only says %. What next? ° or / or o? Help, now even my finge s a e dis pp

  8. g e

    Sexy internet chit chat ?

    Well.. it does look a little like a 'prostate massager' (no. no links you google it yourself, try adding the keyword 'nexus', LOL) with johnny 5's head on top !!

  9. alex dekker


    Thanks for taking the time to explain that 500 is 10x50.

  10. Tim Weigel

    I think they may be mistranslating 'minoru'

    Big ol' disclaimer - while I'm somewhat handy with Japanese and actively studying, I'm no expert yet. With that said, I thought that translation was fishy, and a quick bounce off the wwwjdic confirms my thought - the word 'minoru' is a verb meaning 'to bear fruit' or 'to ripen'. Though 'mi' is the root of 'see', there aren't any common compound words I could quickly find that start with 'mi' and imply reality. Reality would probably be best translated as 'genjitsu' or 'jijitsu'. I will have to check another (perhaps more thorough) dictionary, though - it's possible that it's a more obscure translation that wouldn't be in the wwwjdic. Have to wait until I get home tonight, though.

    Anyone with a better handle on the language, please correct me if I'm missing something!

  11. alzain
    Thumb Down


    this is shit just use holographic thats cool

  12. Pete "oranges" B.

    Oh dear...

    I seem to remember an episode Star Trek: The Next Generation in which the crew is chased by flying killbots that bear a striking resemblance to that thing.

    It got really bad, they had to detatch the saucer and everything.

  13. Helen-LG

    It is kind of cute

    ... or it was until I read g e's comment anyway! - but I'm not sure it's worth £50, I tend to multitask whenever I'm online and I can't imagine being able to do anything else on a machine while wearing 3D glasses which puts me off..

    Like Alzain I think I'll be opting for holographic display and other effects for my existing webcam rather than splashing out on this.

  14. Duncan Robertson

    I, for one...

    welcome our new minoru overlords.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Johnny 5... that you?

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