back to article Bank robber leaves pay stub at scene of blag

Criminal mastermind Thomas Infante's bank-robbing days look to be over after he wrote a threatening note on the back of a pay stub and then left it at the scene of the heist - helpfully providing the FBI with his name and home address. According to the Chicago Tribune, 40-year-old Infante last Friday handed the written demand …


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  1. Shane Orahilly

    O RLY?

    > FBI spokesman Ross Rice admitted: "It's fairly unusual that we see something that specifically stupid." <

    I guess the FBI wear blindfolds in between investigations. Or this guy has been on overseas deployment for a few years.

  2. Jeff Rowse Silver badge

    .deriuqer si eltit A

    Is it April already? Or has this dimwit been listening to old Kenneth Williams (he of the "Carry On" films) record where the robber tells the staff to "Put up your hands and give me the money!" before aforementioned thesp points out that hands in air are unable to reach notes in desk drawers...

  3. James O'Brien


    (Written on the back of a paystub)

    Pretty sure this has happened before but I could be wrong. Now give me all your money commenters or the Vulture gets it

  4. raving angry loony


    Was it his pay stub or someone elses though?

  5. Steve

    That stupid?

    FBI spokesman Ross Rice admitted: "It's fairly unusual that we see something that specifically stupid."

    Seems strange, this is america after all

  6. Nebulo
    Thumb Up


    There should be something like the Darwin Awards, called, say, the Sherlock Awards. "When the properly thought through options have been eliminated, whatever remains, no matter how outrageously stupid ... "

  7. Stuart Halliday

    Dumb or stupid

    I bet the letter had sweaty DNA evidence all over it too. Just in case they need to prove it was him even further!

  8. Brett Weaver
    IT Angle

    At Least

    At least he had a job.. He was trying.. The criminal classes around here live on social welfare between blags.

    As far as the IT angle, based on the sucess of the robbery, I'm guessing he was either an IT project manager or CIO.

  9. hikaricore
    Thumb Down

    400 dollars...

    lol who robs a bank for only $400... that's not even enough to pay the rent.

    attention retards, please leave the crime to those of us who can actually pull it off.

    k thanx.

  10. Winkypop Silver badge

    What's the problem?

    He takes $400

    The bank has his payslip details

    The bank should just withdraw $400 from his account

    End of.

  11. Eddy Ito

    Dare I say it??

    Obviously a want to be Infante terrible.

    With strained peas on the lapel, thanks.

  12. Dave


    But why did he insist that the teller should quit ??

    Was that why he only got $400: because she gave him a little then walked out?

  13. Pierre


    Unusual. It only happens every other month in the US (apparently robber apprentices there are told by TV shows that it's safer to write your threats instead of voicing them). The Darwin Award website is full of that kind of stuff (though not in the main section).

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