back to article Music labels in talks with Hulu

Several major record labels have recently discovered a global system of interconnected computer networks they believe could be used as a new platform for distributing musical videos. This "information super highway," (or "Internet" as those who've adopted this technology call it) could revive an ailing music video biz if …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    just needs a second L ... hullu = crazy in Finnish.... apt really...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Doing everything wrong - again!

    "While no announcement of a deal is imminent, the execs appear to be favoring a pact with Hulu – a service currently offered only to users in the US."

    Only in the US! Duh!

  3. EdwardP

    Oh joy...

    ...a UK based news outlet covering a service that has nothing to do with, and is unavailable to the UK.

    How unlike the modern English Press.

  4. Charles-A Rovira
    Thumb Down

    Does that mean that ...

    the music companies are going to do music videos? (Like MTV used to?)

    I sincerely doubt that.

    That would take sizable promotion budgets (and medical expenses for some very ugly musicians [or would YOU actually want to see Keith Richards. {Not even for free. I'm certainly not going to PAY for that.}])

    A deal with Hulu is about as likely as the medium of sound suddenly becoming visible.

  5. Suburban Inmate


    They do not realise that music videos (on the muzak channels) are now like chewing gum.

    Yeah nice I (OK the fans) suppose, but nothing to actually make an effort to see. Certainly nothing to pay for.

    Maybe, just maybe, muzak (commercial shite) and Hollywood (the A/V equivalent) are simply not worth the previous (pre-internets) values. I long for a tip-jar system. Then I could pay The Cooper Temple Clause for their efforts.

  6. Jedi Name Germinator

    Hulu is easy to....

    ...get outside of the US.

    Proxy - That's all.

  7. Eric Van Haesendonck

    Fed up with the US only sites

    Personally I start to be fed up with the "available to US only" video sites.

    It is the production companies and label's fault that "international licensing" is complicated, why is it the honest consumer that is punished by not being able to access the content unless he lives in the US?

    Politicians should be useful for a change and pass a law that if someone has the rights to distribute a song or video in a country, he has automatically the right to distribute it internationally over the internet as long as his site is based in the country for which he has a license.

    Then maybe when everybody downloads they entertainment from Malta the label will start to do their work, which is to make content available to the most consumer possible!

  8. Cameron Colley

    Eh? Aren't music videos adverts anyhow?

    Last I saw music videos, especially modern ones, were just adverts to try and get you to buy the album or concert tickets or, in some cases, a certain make of watch (Rihanna, if anyone cares).

    As has been commented already -- modern music videos have no real content to them -- I refer to them as "adverts for wet dreams".

  9. Alex Gollner

    Hulu can serve outside the US

    For a while they made 'Dr. Horrible's Musical Blog" available worldwide, because they had permission from the copyright owner, J. Whedon.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In Japan

    In Japan "music videos" are generally refered to as "PVs" or Promotional videos, they're used to sell a band and their music not a product in themselves. Also most singles over there have a version that comes with a DVD containing making of and the PV (normally 2 versions of the PV, the full PV and either the Dance Shot or the Close up version.)

    O well. Music men arn't connected to the real world in the slightest.

  11. GHok

    @ Cameron Colley

    I like music videos. Every week I go online and queue up a bunch that look interesting and watch them.

    There actually are still a lot of good music videos being made. I don't know about big stars like Rhianna, but a lot of the bands I listen to still make good videos. You're right though, I have seen some of the more mainstream videos and they are mostly just cell phone adverts. I haven't owned a TV in some time, but I understand that MTV and the like don't even bother showing videos anymore, as they can make more money showing TV shows.

    A lot of artists are missing from this site I use to watch videos. I'm guessing this is because they don't have an agreement with that label or whatever. Which just means I miss out on discovering new bands from that label. Which is a shame, I'd like to watch those videos, but I'm not going to site hop to a dozen different services.

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