back to article Google Calendar phishing scam surfaces

Fraudsters are using Google's Calendar service as a means to develop a new strain of phishing scam. The ruse appears in the guise of a Google Calendar email notification. Would-be marks are told their accounts will be deleted unless they submit their Google username, password and date of birth. But rather than coming from …


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  1. KenBW2
    Thumb Down

    Quite a good scam

    but y doo they allways rooin it wid bad speling?

  2. Winkypop Silver badge

    Message from God*

    I'll bet if any large group of people got an email from "God", a fair percentage would respond in a thoroughly believing and worship-like manner.

    * Mythical being, often the cause of pain, misery, war and other forms of human & animal suffering.

  3. Nameless Faceless Computer User

    Do people still fall for this?

    Are people still falling for these lame scams?

  4. Thomas Kent


    ...but VARIFY!

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