back to article BusinessWeek hails quantum porn engine

In response to our recent look back at the most ridiculous moments of the year in Silicon Valley tech, one loyal Reg reader asked why we'd failed to include the debut of Cuil. It's a reasonable question. At the end of July, when a trio of ex-Googlers launched a search engine of their own - still pronounced "cool" - it was …


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  1. MikeG

    Not completely surprising

    I blocked Cuil's "Twiceler" spider with htaccess after it repeatedly ignored my site's robots.txt (which only allows Googlebot) and spidered everything it could to the tune of 1GB of data... I've wondered how many other site owners have had to do the same.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    And on the whole of the great-wide web


    PH cause I'd rather see her in porn!!

  3. jake Silver badge

    No need to apologize.

    "We apologize for leaving the Cuil debut off our list of the year's most jaw-droppingly ridiculous moments."

    No need. Cuil was breathtakingly forgettable. Why take the time to remind us?

  4. raving angry loony


    When I first saw the name I read it as "cul" - French for "arse". Which seems to have been completely accurate actually.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    You know you've hit rock bottom when you're considered worse than both Google and Microsoft.

  6. Mitch Kent
    Paris Hilton

    NSFW tag

    Would the article be listed as NSFW without the image? Couldn't we have had the image linked to instead with a NSFW tag rather than the whole article?

    That way I can look at my reg at work and my gay pr0n at home in relative safety...

    Paris, because it's a porn joke. Any other icon just wouldn't do...

  7. Pete Hunt

    Cuil - or frozen?

    Searching for "windows 7 beta 1 rapidshare" on Google gives 599.000 hits - on Cuil it gets 107 hits - nuff said!!

  8. Anomalous Cowherd Silver badge


    I just hope we don't hear too much more about Cuil - if it's a common enough thread it deserves it's own icon, and no prizes for guessing which thumbnail-size image would be most appropriate...

  9. Glenn Gilbert

    What a merde interface!

    Had completely forgotten about this great new innovation in search technology. So thought I'd give it a try...

    Searching should yield a list of results which one can scan downwards. This site's UI requires the eye to raster scan to view the results. Took quite a while to find the next page button as the colour scheme's such low contrast.

    Didn't these people learn anything at Google? The reason that Google's popular compared to other search engines is simplicity (OK, accuracy too).

    Yep, arse just about sums it up. Won't be visiting there again in a hurry.

  10. Oliver Mayes


    Cuil-ing (doesn't have the same ring as googling does it?) Pingu returns a link to the relevent wikipedia article, and a picture of the cover to Henry Ashby Turners' book 'General Motors and the Nazis'

  11. Charley


    According to my trusty Oxford Irish Minidictionary Cuil (without the accent over the u) means either a fly (such as a blue bottle, cuil ghorm or greenfly, cuil ghlas) or an angry appearance (cuil a bheith ort, to be in angry mood).

    With the accent it means corner or nook. Hence bheith caite i gcuil choicise, to be cast aside.

    Not sure which is more appropriate.

  12. peter garner
    Thumb Down


    In a perverse way it's nice to see such a fine example of GIGO (garbage-in, garbage-out) from CUIL. This software retard spent weeks sucking random garbage from my anti-evil-robot-crawler CGI script, and my domain name now has 500 entries consisting of random gibberish as "results". What mystified me though was that it completely ignored all the real content on the site. Money well spent. Not.

  13. Trix
    Paris Hilton


    Yeah, it doesn't matter how many pages they index if they're all the shite shopping and "review" sites, and Wikipedia knock-offs.

    I never did get a reply to my ranting at them by email about their using a completely irrelevant and presumably copyrighted image to represent my site. Obviously they don't care about legalities either.

    /still Paris's level. At least the pr0n is easy to find

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