back to article If you can fart, you can earn $10,000

iPhone developers have discovered that there's big money to be made in - as Mark Twain once described it - clearing one's nether throat. According to stats published on his website, developer Joel Comm's unsubtley named iFart Mobile is the current point-poot in a silent-but-deadly rise in the popularity of cyber-flatulence. …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    last line 'excitement' should be replaced with 'excrement'

    strike that, maybe the whole article could be replaced with 'excrement' - I know it's Christmas, but farts, come on, not a Bulgarian airbag in sight...

  2. Barry

    The newest iPhone app


  3. Chris C

    This speaks volumes...

    This speaks volumes about Apple fanbois. And no, there is no pun in that previous sentence; those who read it and snickered are the same type of people who are paying actual money for this ridiculous juvenile piece of trash while people are literally starving and freezing to death in the streets. Seriously, what is it about passing gas (either flatulence or burping) that these adult-by-age-but-child-by-maturity-level people find so amusing? I've never understood it, not even when I was a child.

    "Maybe the App Store will next feature iPuke? Or iRidiculeEthnicMinorities? Only time will tell."

    OK, so the iFart is stupid, immature, and juvenile, and in a sane world, it wouldn't be there. But how the fuck do you jump from there to racism? The former is based on lack of maturity, the latter is based on hatred and fear. To suggest that racism will be considered acceptable simply because immaturity is accepted is absurd, even for Apple.

  4. J

    $10k a day...

    Goes to show that one can make money out of it, if one is special enough and has the right type of wrong ideas...

  5. Simon Brown

    $10k / day from flatulence?

    $10k / day from flatulence?

    Someone should tell Donald Trump...

  6. Timo
    Jobs Halo

    is this what a killer app looks like?

    So... mobile data and smart phones have been looking for that killer app.

    Does that mean this is it? What's next - twittered farts or at least a farting app that auto-twitters when you invoke it? Oh joy. Oh wait I should probably patent that one.

    Still holding out for the i-qweef.


  7. vincent himpe


    I want the 'chicken' ringtone that the Blue Man Group used in their tour.

  8. Bad Beaver
    Thumb Down


    And again I can see clearly why I simply have zero desire to buy from a moderated digital content delivery system. Not only is a foreign value system imposed on you, limiting what you can get, no, you are also humiliated by what actually is available.

  9. H

    its all just a load of... air.

  10. be
    Thumb Up

    sense of humor ?

    I didn't realise Reg readers had such a poor sense of humor ? What's with these comments ? 10k a day, that's alot of downloads so it's obviously in demand - and fair play to the developers !! There are plenty of other "crude" apps - my favourite: Poo Price, putting your employers wages in the toilet !

  11. Sam

    of course..

    The iButlers Revenge wouldn't work, because it's silent.

  12. Jared Earle
    Jobs Halo


    "people who are paying actual money for this ridiculous juvenile piece of trash while people are literally starving and freezing to death in the streets."

    Really? Is that the best you can do? What difference would $0.99 make to someone starving on the streets? Or would you rather it were donated through a "we only take 80% of it in overheads" charity? What next, ranting at people in older cars that use a little more petrol than others?

    Come on, it's a 60p joke app. Have a sense of proportion.

    If I've told you once, I've told you a million times; stop exaggerating!

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Chris C

    Wait a minute - it doesn't bother you that people are buying slick, $400 touchscreen mobile phones while people starve to death, but if they buy the phone and *then* buy a $.99 fart-o-matic, your morality bells go off? Not sure what to make of that.

    Hell, for that matter, some people are sitting around posting comments in Reg threads while people starve to death in the streets. That's called a 'false alternative' - there's not an either-or choice between buying iFart and curing world hunger, so the argument is pretty much useless when applied in such a narrow scope.

  14. Anonymous Coward


    It is excitement, just the Taleban variety.

    Mentioning sex is verbotten, farting however is good. As the middle-eastern custom commands one must commend the host of a party with a fart and a burp to signify the quality of food and entertainment on offer. So not surprising that Apple has offered the tools to do so.

    The really sad thing is that while bitching about them from a position of "moral superiority" we in essence are becoming their spitting image. What's next - mandatory hijabs?

  15. Andrew Tunney
    Paris Hilton

    Re: iFart

    It's up to $1.19 at the moment...

    Paris? Because even she does them....

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Whats next

    I want to be first to market the iOrgasm app, vibration an optional extra.

    Just goes to show, people will buy any old sh-one-dot-t

    Paris, 'cos she knows all about the iOrgasam

  17. Herby

    A needed addition to...

    the baby that poops if it doesn't get to the potty in time. Come on people, get your act together and team up!! One needs to pass gas and s*** at the same time. Off to the toilet we go flushing dollar bills away as we go!


  18. pctechxp


    sums up the iPhone/Touch perfectly.

    Someone please release an app that displays a turd on the screen that can be gifted to an iPhone owner and started by an SMS.

  19. Andy Worth

    @Chris C

    Lighten up! I'd be willing to place a bet that more people who read this still think farts are amusing than share your point of view.

    "paying actual money for this ridiculous juvenile piece of trash while people are literally starving and freezing to death in the streets"

    I do hope that you're the sort of person who recycles every piece of trash, never drives unnecessarily and never wastes money on ANYTHING frivolous, otherwise that sentence is simply full of hypocrisy. I suspect it is more likely that you waste plenty of money on things that other people might not consider a necessity, while these people are still starving and freezing in the streets. Besides, regardless of any of that, who are you to decide what people can or can't spend their spare change on?

    It's a dollar at the end of the day. It may be puerile but it's just a harmless bit of fun. If people want to waste their money on it then it's their choice, and I think very few people lead a wasteless enough life to be in a position to play judge and jury.

  20. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Especially for Kevin "RANT!!!" Hutchinson...

    $10,000/day for code that makes a fart? Damn, that's more money per day than Sun make out of Open Slowaris! And I thought Sun were the masters of vapourware....

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Chris C

    "This speaks volumes about Apple fanbois". Does it?

    What is a fanbois and why is it spelt like that. Am I a (Apple) fanbois because I have an iPhone or am I a Windows guy because I use that O/S and have never used a MAC and probably never will.

    And now that mikro-soff are writing iPhone applications does that make them Apple fanbois?

  22. michael

    shuley it should be the


    ok ok I am going no need to push

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    How about iADD - You start up the app, it responds to you for a couple of minutes and then goes off and does its own thing, completely ignoring you, comes back for a couple of minutes, responds to input, sods off again...

    Hang on, I've just described the iPhone UI experience...

    And before anybody gets on their oh-so-high horse, I have ADD as does my son.

    Sorry, what was that you just said?

  24. Rob


    Oh dear, bit narrow minded aren't we? Racism's other big contributor is ignorance, which unfortunately seems a lot more prevelant than fear and hatred.

  25. ElFatbob

    no title

    Only a matter of time before a 'Crazy Fart' remix is released then....

  26. Anonymous Coward

    @Jared E.

    One thing you can't afford to do in an infinite universe, is have a sense of proportion.

    (RIP DNA)

  27. Daniel B.

    @Chris C

    "But how the fuck do you jump from there to racism?"

    Hey, Apple only sells WHITE Macs, they must be racist! Mac keyboards have the letter K, so they must be affiliated to the KKK!!!

  28. James O'Brien

    @Chris C

    Sorry bro but you opened the bag of worms. If all you do is write comments on El Reg how can you justify the $50+ on broadband when dialup would be fine? Then you can you can take the money you save and donate it to charity, if you do this I will be glad to donate this jar of change on my desk as well.

    What you wont? Then stop ranting and frothing at the mouth.


    I do this every night in Left 4 Dead, any time I play that game i change my name on Steam to "Kill The Blackie 1st Please TY" so I guess Im a racist now. Oh what im not? Yeah guess so since im not the only one who has done something like that in the game. Plus it is full of stereotypes.

    Shoot me now Im a racist for playing L4D

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