back to article Verity Stob's Big Fat Geek Yuletide Quiz of the Year Part 2

Note: Ms Stob claims to have sent in her only copy of Part 1 of her Quiz of the Year (The Questions) many weeks ago. However, nothing ever arrived here. But we do at least have the answers, so we thought we might as well make the best of a bad situation. 1. InstallShield Update Manager, which was yet again the winner of this …


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  1. Christian Vest Hansen

    Answers Approved

    Who needs questions when the answers are so great?

    I see before me a plethora of situations wherein one of these answers would find apt application. Hopefully they don't install a Yahoo! Tool! Bar! upon use.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    We're not worthy..

    'nuff rispek to the El Reg massive.

    Pure gold.

  3. Adrian Challinor

    The five 'odd ones out' from the full list of Bloody Annoying Windows Vista features were

    Someone needs to tell Santa I need a new keyboard, mines full of coffee.

    Nice one, Miss Stob.

    From a smug linux user!

  4. DZ-Jay

    Beautifully said

    >> And He did reply unto them, saying: No.



  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It seems to have cured my Christmas Eve Eve hangover, as well.

  6. Angus Ireland
    Thumb Up


    Wonderful piece of Stobbery :D

  7. Humph


    Title says it all.

  8. J

    Forgot 42

    Sent only copy?

    Does El Reg operate based on paper and snail mail, or something? This is supposedly a tech site; at least say that the dog chewed the USB stick, gee... (but beware those helpful data recovery guys from a story the other day)

    Anyway, good answers, even if looking for the questions. Sounds like life here in science sometimes.

  9. Enno

    nice but....

    really, you need to go back to the source... the greatly missed Kenny Everett who long ago on his program on the telly observed that the answer to question 3 was in 2 parts. Part A was 8 1/2 inches and and part B was Tom Jones. And now, Hot Gossip topless!

    'nuff said.

    Merry Christmas all from the antipodes.


  10. Herby

    One forgotten.

    No, the answer is NOT Vista. Vista is the problem, not the answer!

  11. This post has been deleted by its author

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Since the Begginning of Time

    Having to wait while the desktop icons go blank and, slowly, get redrawn, one by one.

    Even DOS would have done it, if it had had icons!

  13. Chika

    Excellent Stob!

    Having now submitted this, do you now wish to reboot? Do you? Oh, go on, reboot! Rebooting, it's a way of life! You'll love it!

    As for the Yahoo! Toolbar, you do realise this has only happened because everyone worked out not to install the Google equivalent.

    From an even smugger RISC OS user!

  14. David Hicks

    For those suffering from scrapeware...

    ... and I spent ages struggling with it last time I bought a machine, may I recommend "PC Decrapifier", available from a websearch near you?

    Did the job nicely for me. No more trial versions, no more "we recoomend", and nor more yahoo toolbar.

    Actually, that last claim may have gone a bit far, but it's good software nonetheless :)

  15. Robert Synnott

    Good old Stob

    Hmm, somehow my RSS reader missed this... I was wondering what had happened to my favourite Reg column.

    Anyway, I suspect that the format is even older than Everett; Stephen Fry did something similar as his early Donald Trefusis character (also a Christmas quiz), and I don't think it was original then.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    @David Hicks

    You can use Your! Yahoo! Toolbar! for the websearch

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