back to article EA punts SecuROM-less games on Steam

Electronic Arts is now offering Spore and several other 2008 titles without SecuROM, the shady embedded third-party digital rights management software largely responsible for making Spore the most pirated game of the year. But the DRM restriction relief won't come from boxed copies or even EA's own online distribution service …


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  1. James O'Brien



    "We should note the prices are pretty much doubled compared to the US, but hey, European gamers should be used to being screwed over at this point."

    As much as I know im going to be hated for what I am about to say, as much as it pains me. . .

    Cant help but say even though its true and I do feel for fellow gamers in the UK I couldn't help but giggle at the way this was said.

    As for EA releasing them maybe they will let me activate the ones I have on Steam? What? No? You want me to pay again? Bugger.

    On RA:3, Mirror's Edge not being available yet.....ummm yes they are I could get them 2 nights ago if I had wanted.

    /Mines the one that still says fuck EA on the back

  2. alzain

    well done

    good job ea you have finally learned to follow others.

    ps:damm u ea

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    I LOVE the Seuss-esque style. My hat comes off to you.

  4. GHok

    Thanks EA

    I was going to buy Spore, but decided not to when I found out it had SecuRom. So as sson as I heard this news I went on Steam and bought it. I don't buy all my games on Steam (I like manuals and having a physical copy...) but I do a few just because I think it's at least a DRM system that offers something to the user instead of just making things difficult.

    I'm kind of disapointed in Spore, though. I thought I'd like it better. Too bad I didn't pirate it to try it out before buying!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    IS it..

    .. ok in the uk then? most companies have a habit of releasing stuff on a online worldwide system only in the us (hello ubisoft), if it is also in teh uk then ea have finally climbed back onto the publisher that i might buy games from ladder!

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Possibly a cover?

    I think even before Spore was released, industry pundits were already suggesting that SecuROM would, if anything, push some people to piracy, having the opposite effect to the claimed intent. However, they had picked up that the secondhand games market would be badly hit - hitting the more casual gamers hardest - but potentially (if you exclude the effects of piracy) driving more revenue into EAs pockets.

    I'm guessing that saying you're going after the used games market is not the best PR, so is it possible that wrapping it up as being anti-piracy was a cover and EA really hadn't thought much about the pro-piracy effect of SecuROM?

  7. Rob Elliott

    Software Licence.

    Since I purchased a Spore Licence does that mean I can use that on Steam?

    I bet I can't.

    I'm doomed to DRM Spore. :(

  8. Jamie

    Loved the Grinch style story

    I use to love games by EA, especiallly the racing games, but have gone off and will not buy anything that involves STEAM.

    Is it cause I pirate the game, no. I won't play the games whether they are console or pc due to the way they treat people.

  9. Benny

    Green eggs and ham..

    I've been reading the Cat in the Hat with my son this morning, I almost didn't notice it!

    Very well done sir!

    Slowly but surely companies like EA are realising that all they are doing is hurting themselves when they insist on using things like SecuRom. This can only be a good thing!

  10. frymaster


    So online limited activations with securom is OK in your book but Steam is just a step too far?

    Personally neither especially troubles me, but I'm struggling to see how a service where you carry all your games around with you, needing only a username and password to re-download them at any time, is worse than a system that combines both physical media drawbacks (having to not lose the disk) plus online drawbacks (having to activate) plus a limited number of installs.

  11. Aetyr
    Paris Hilton

    I approve!

    Of the great little Christmas poem, that is. Top stuff! Please keep it up.

    As for EA and their supposed attempt to redeem themselves, I'm interested to see if it turns out to be just another evil scheme from their secret ruler, Lucifer Himself, to lure in innocent gamers.

    If they have in fact changed their tune and finally appreciate that the paying customer is not a villainous thief until proven otherwise multiple times over, then this is indeed the start of something awesome. :D

    Paris, because she can be installed on any hard drive time and time again...

  12. DrXym Silver badge

    Steam is not safe from securom and other thoughts

    First off, it's not either SecuROM or Steam. Some titles have SecuROM AND Steam. In other words you get a double dose of DRM.

    Secondly, the European prices on Steam are so out of whack with reality it isn't even funny. Virtually every single new release can be had for substantially less from any online or bricks and mortar store. To highlight this, Left 4 Dead is €44.99 on Steam and €37.99 on, postage included. Valves OWN GAME is €7 less from a store! I bought Fallout 3 in GAME for €25 when its €49.99 on Steam. These are just a few examples, and the pattern is virtually the same for other recent titles, including the recently added EA ones.

    Steam is a handy service and very slick but its current prices are a scam. It has no cost associated with physically publishing, shipping or stocking titles. Or handling returns. Or stocking hundreds of stores and paying for staff and wages. Yes digital distribution has overheads, for bandwidth, service, support etc. but they are small by comparison. The prices should be MUCH cheaper than they are now to reflect the shorter supply line, reduced piracy and of removal of basic rights such as second hand sales.

    At the moment the prices can be fairly described as taking the piss. Buyer beware and shop around. You will save money at the moment.

  13. David Hicks
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    Two things -

    1. Can I transfer my license to steam?

    I want SecuROM off my windows system. Not that I use it for anything but Spore anyway.

    2. It's a bit late now isn't it, now that the world and his dog has not only pirated it but also found out how shallow and lacking the finished product is?

    Sure, Spore is cute, but there's really not a lot to it.

  14. Steve Liddle

    Steam can be good

    Stopped buying EA games after they pulled Earth and Beyond, then suggested I would have as much fun in the Sims as I would have had in a space game :(

    Fallout3 apparently came with DRM, but not on steam, it used to be on another PC, transferred the account to the new PC and will consider it for future games.

    Only went with the steam version of fallout3 due to drm issues with the original. Prices are such that I buy less games :(

  15. Spider

    Industry experts wrong shocker

    what? DRM doesn't stop piracy? treating customers like pirates makes them act like....<shock>...pirates?

    No respect for the people that pay their wages, no clue on human nature and no future for DRM.

    and no new EA games in this house....

  16. Dave

    Is there really no SecuRom?

    Are the Reg sure there is no securom on the EA titles? If you view the product details page of spore there is this little section at the bottom:


    And the same is true for most of the games "Online authentication"; that to me says Securom is still there; unless the text is a straight copy and paste without alteration??

  17. Mectron


    Do not buy anything that is related in any to EA, but make sure that each new release from EA is the most pirated game ever. If EA ever realise that DRM is causing piracy (on top of been illegal) and start selling game with no DRM infection, make sure that game is a Best seller :)

  18. Dex

    Steam ftw

    Unfortunately retail licenses rarely work on the Steam Platform (having tried it with my original retail copy of HL1 many mons ago) BUT as i mentioned in a previous article regarding DRM, Steam DOES NOT use DRM and so you're free to put it on as many PCs as you like and just login to the account PLUS with STEAM you can use 1 account from many locations AT THE SAME TIME.

    < Mines the HEV Suit

  19. This post has been deleted by its author

  20. Lukin Brewer

    I was told that vultures weren't lyrically-minded,

    ... or maybe it was only Lucy Sherriff. :-p

    BTW, the funniest Grinch parody that I have seen is the one on the Encyclopedia Dramatica page concerning Fred Phelps (It's definitely NSFW).

    Anyway, regarding disappointment felt about Spore, here is the review that everyone should (have) read before they part(ed) with their cash:

    ^ Plenty of punctuation here, though! :-)

  21. Daniel Palmer


    It's interesting that EA go to such length to stop unauthorised distribution of their works when "back in the day"(TM) their business model worked on the basis that they reversed engineered stuff instead of paying console makers for licenses.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Crickets and Tumbleweed

    EA's going to have to do better than that. After losing a motherboard, an optical drive, and a rather significant portion of my sanity; I decided to boycott EA. It's going to take more than a nod at common sense to get me to buy EA again.

  23. Anonymous Coward
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    Still not buying it

    As it is still made by EA.

    If I wanted spore (I don't), I would pirate it.

  24. Calm
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    EA in the UK on STEAM...NOT YET !!!

    Despite the announcement, EA games are still NOT available on Steam in the UK...least not in my part...dunno if anyone else in the UK is able to see any games from EA. Any searches of these new games just returns the lovely comment 'Not available in your region'. Now WTF does that mean? They make these wonderful announcements before Christmas...advertise a Sale with **% off....then make the UK wait until the sale finishes and still we can't buy anything. Pffff !!!

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