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Just because it’s a touchscreen phone, it doesn’t have to be wallet-stingingly expensive. Following on from its high-end eight-megapixel touch-controlled Renoir, LG is now bringing the joys of finger tapping and thumb stroking to the masses with the Cookie KP500. Initially available in the UK on various pay-as-you-go packages …


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  1. jake Silver badge

    What a waste of CPU cycles.

    Hydra devices are single points of failure ... and rarely do any single thing better than any of the multitude of devices that they are trying to replace. Other than capturing the eye of the sheeple who'll buy anything shiny that captures their eye, that is.

    I'm a tool user, not a poser. I require functionality, not eye candy.

    I'll stick with my Nokia 5185iVD phone, tyvm ...

  2. Stef

    Fanboy baffler

    At less than a quarter of the price, surely any sane person would call it an iPhone beater?

    It may not have 3G (and the iPhone doesn't always) but it actually has a higher spec in some areas.

    Let the fanboy comment frenzy begin!

  3. Shingo Tamai
    Thumb Down

    LG Crap

    If it's like the KU990 Viewty it's an useless piece of crap: even the alarm clock was buggy and LG NEVER releases software udates for its phones.

  4. Stu

    Call me overly innovative, but...

    ...shouldn't the days of the stylus be numbered?

    The stylus started off as an inherently slow input device, and perpetuates the idea that touchscreens can have stupidly small buttons/controls and as a result, small text.

    Our eyesights will suffer I tells thee!

    Need I name such a device which shows us that the other way is far superior?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Sync options?

    I didn't see anything about how it syncs contacts and appointments. Looks good otherwise (for the price).

  6. KenBW2
    Thumb Up

    Damn my new phone!

    If I was in the market for a new phone I'd be *very* interested. Maybe it'll be good to see other cheap alternatives spring up now :)

  7. E_Nigma

    Really Appealing but I Wouldn't Buy It

    It really looks pretty and it also has some good practical sides: the document reader, good organizer, e-mail, Opera Mini should produce decent results on that screen... It's not a smartphone, but it doesn't seem half dumb either, especially for the price.

    On the other hand, the prices of Internet access through GPRS or EDGE are extortionate around here so I woudln't be using things that depend on it alot, and my portable music player certainly does a better job as far as listening to music is concerned, while my current phone has a much better battery life, so, while being quite decent for the price, the Cookie has little to offer me.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bought this...

    I bought this for my girlfriend as one of her christmas presents. For the money you really can't beat it. She isn't a huge phone person so doesn't really NEED any advanced features.

    She will use this mainly just as a phone more than a music player etc as she has an iPod for that. But she does like the idea of touch screen input etc.

    I checked the phone over very quickly and it seems pretty decent. The menus were quick and easy to navigate and it runs pretty fluidly, obviously not as smooth as a high end phones such as the iPhone, but at this price point its perfect for people who don't want or need the top of the range kit.

    I'd be happy to use this as a phone, but do prefer my N95 8GB and i'm not a huge fan of touch screens. Although theres not many devices which have such a smooth UI as the iPhone.

    The LG is great for the price if you want a touchscreen. Hopefully she does like the phone when she gets it tomorrow lol. If she doesn't it can always be swapped.

    On a side note when I got it I did it as a "PAYG" upgrade on o2 at Carphone Warehouse and she is getting £24 of credit since she has topped up £240 since her last "PAYG upgrade". Pretty good!

  9. Bill
    Thumb Down

    A bit too low specced for me....

    The lack of 3G/HSDPA for simple web-browsing is quite off-putting. Granted, it's not essential and Opera Mini's compression option helps to make up for the lack of speed. But, it sure is nice to have the speed of 3G/HSDPA when one does want to web-browse.

    Another thing I'm surprised about is the really low talk time listed for this phone: According to the specs, posted over at GSMArena, the talk time is a mere 3.5 hours. That's really quite low for a 2.5G phone. Even my dear old, long departed SE W810i - stolen and replaced with a Nokia 6500 Slide - could go for 8 hours.

    Personally, I'd dismiss this phone and spend a bit more money to get the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic instead. Even at a slightly higher price point the 5800 is better value for the money.

  10. Mick Sheppard

    No contest

    Its cheaper than an iPhone for a reason. Its not as good as an iPhone. You can get a 3G iPhone for this price on contract, yes you need to sign up to £30/month but if you were to use the Cookie for data on a pay as you go basis you'd soon rack up similar costs.

    There seems to be a bit of inverse snobbery were the iPhone is concerned. People are casting around to get something that they can say is an iPhone beater. They'll do anything, and accept any limitation, to convince themselves that they are better than iPhone owners. Why is that?

    You used to get the same on BBC Radio 4 too. The presenters were happy not to know about URLs and the Internet. Somehow if you can stay ignorant it makes you a better person. Whatever, the fact that everything is compared with the iPhone shows what an impact it has had. Don't put it all down to advertising either, they wouldn't sell as many as they do based on that alone.

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