back to article Apple graphics partner gets Intel cash

The world economy may be in a tailspin and jobless rates worldwide may be rising to unprecedented heights, but there's one happy company that's raising cash and beefing up its staff size: Imagination Technologies. As we reported last week, Apple recently spent $4.8m of its $25bn in cash reserves to acquire 8.2 million shares …


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  1. Steven Raith


    "So if you happen to be one of the many who are either fearing or recovering from a layoff from HP, Yahoo!, Nvidia, or some other struggling tech firm, you might want to point Google Maps towards Kings Langley, Hertfordshire UK, Imagination's home. We hear that there are still tickets available for Jack and the Beanstalk in nearby Stevenage - it's "Fee-Fi-Fo-Fun!""

    You'd be better off checking out the Red Lion in the Old Town - it's about the only place worth going to in Stevenage.

    Alternatively, just jump on a train into London and go somewhere that isn't utterly shit - I've lived in Hertfordshire for five years and have yet to find anywhere worthwhile to hang out that, er, isn't in the Big Smoke.

    Hope that helps any budding API engineers and graphics programmers looking at relocating!

    Steven R

  2. Anonymous Coward

    No title

    Alternatively, just jump on a train into London and go somewhere that isn't utterly shit

    that's right, just jump on the train towards London, change and just keep going to somewhere that isn't shit and full of wankers...

  3. Tim


    Just kinda wondering if Apple make a DAB radio yet, what with those being a significant source of revenue for Imagination Technology. Another Imag'Tech development I read of a while back is a satnav combined with 3d imaging, so basically you can see a picture of where you are & where you should turn next. I think it was meant to be due out in Japan first.

    Oh, before anybody gets too excited about this & over-investing in this genuinely interesting firm, it might be worth checking their profit figures.


  4. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Still waiting....

    .... for a decent PowerVR graphics card. It was always a smart technology, just never really had the power of the nVidia, Voodoo or ATi cards. With the new drive to more power-efficient graphics cards you'd think a good PowerVR-based card was long overdue.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    @Steven Raith

    Agree with your location comments. So many technology companies put their R&D operations in blandsville towns where the rates are cheap. Fair enough business sense.

    However from a young employee's perspective this is very unsatisfactory: lack of amenities, cultural and social outlets offered by such locations. Such places might suit those a little older and settled bringing up families.

    Contentedness derived from just intellectual stimulation in the job might not be enough and it's not surprising then that London appeals with lots more to do.

    Though it's a shame about the superiority complex of London and that more investment in cultural and social offerings is not diverted into regional provinces.

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