back to article Evidence for 'iPhone Nano' gathers pace

Another day, another tantalising implication Apple's about to announced the iPhone Nano. This time, it's from iPhone case maker XSKN. It doesn't have a picture of the product, but it does have a section on its website with exactly that name. It's present alongside 'iPhone 3G' and 'iPhone 1st Gen', along with sections devoted …


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  2. Andy Bright


    iPhone Nano? I don't see why Apple would do it. In the US at least there's no shortage of potential customers begging for a full-priced version of the iPhone. If they were to finally release an unlocked version, something that probably won't happen until the clones start appearing, they wouldn't be able to keep up with demand.

    But a cheap, small version? Why? I can't see why anyone would be interested, they are far more likely to grab an iPhone clone than a phone with a screen you can barely see.

    On the other hand if they were to release an iTouch Nano it would continue to move their entire product line towards the same technology. The only device that doesn't make sense to go this way is the large capacity classic iPod, but that's only a matter of time.

    The current iTouch is almost identical to the iPhone in every way except voice communications. Protective jackets double for both devices. My guess is the real device this protective jacket has been made for is the next iPod, not the next iPhone.

  3. Alastair

    I can't quite see...

    What the Nano isn't going to have? I assume we'll be talking 4GB storage (maybe 8GB as maximum) but flash memory isn't that expensive these days, so where will the savings come from? Remove GPS maybe. Crapper battery? Possibly.

    I can't see that they would get rid of the touchscreen in any way- it's not only an integral part of what makes an iPhone, but it'd also render all existing applications useless- and I doubt Apple want to close off that revenue stream. So a smaller screen? If my iPhone screen got any smaller it'd be an utter pain in the arse to to use...

  4. Daniel Harris

    Ipod Touch Nano?

    Hmm i'm still not sure if this could turn out to be an Ipod Touch Nano and not an iPhone nano...or maybe they will release both.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Who cares?

    It's hard enough typing on a full size iPhone, the thought of trying that on a Nano version makes me shudder.

    Admittedly Steve was right about Floppies being dead, and leading the charge by omitting a drive on the original iMac, but I can't live without copy and paste, or decent attachment handling.

    I'd settle for decent PDF / Hi Res Image support, but noooo, Steve says I don't need it.

  6. Colin MacLean
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    I doubt this, mainly because it would be incompatible with most (if not all) of the content on the iPhone App Store.

    Unless of course it's just an iPod Nano with phone functionality (and no touchscreen) with the clickwheel handling input like one of those label makers things (big in the 70s).

    On second thoughts, naaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  7. James Henstridge


    I don't know about anyone else, but the current generation of iPhones seem pretty large to me. I am also not about to shell out for an overpriced mobile data plan. So many smartphone features don't affect my purchasing decisions.

    So I could definitely see a market for a device that just did phone, music and maybe video without the requirement for a mobile data plan: the other phone companies seem to be doing pretty well from that segment.

    Is there any overlap with their existing market? sure, but it'd certainly be a large increase in their total market.

  8. jai


    here's pictures -

    although, they're almost certainly fakes - someone's just photoshopped the iPhone images down by 70%

    i remain skeptical of this pre-MWSF rumour. Andy Bright says that there's plenty of demand left in the US for the current 3G - and the same is true here in the uk. one die-hard iphone hater friend of mine went out and bought himself one yesterday. another two of my friends are thinking of getting iphones for themselves for xmas

    i don't see that the compatibiity with the AppStore apps is an issue.

    if they announce this iPhone Nano next month, it's going to be quite a while before it's actually in the shops. plenty of time for iPhone App developers to port their code to a smaller screen format.

  9. ruffage
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    bet it's shit

    If the rumour that the Nano won't have 3G becomes true then it'll be a complete fail. However I'm looking forward to it, as the iPhone as it is today is too big for my pocket.

    As for existing apps, it'll be fine if they stick to the same screen resolution, surely.

  10. Anthony Shortland
    Paris Hilton

    Battery life?

    Battery life seems to be the biggest stumbling block they've got to clear for this to be viable.

    For an iphone to be sellable, its going to need good CPU power, a good screen, GPS, wifi and after the slamming they got for the 1G iphone they wont seriously try to drop 3g support surely? To fit all that in a smaller package will surely mean a smaller battery - with pretty pathetic life?

    I'm sure it will sell in america either way though

  11. Jamie Hylton

    Stop the hype...

    Apple are very clever at their marketing. They send out little snippets of information here and there, knowing only too well that they will be "leaked" to the media, and create a load of hype.

    People start discussing non-existent products, some people think it'll do this, some think it'll do that, some couldn't care less, but you all comment nevertheless, adding to the speculation and the hype of a product which will inevitably be a disappointment because something will be missing that we all thought would be really cool.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    There is also the camera difference between the iPod touch and the iPhone, this small detail meaning that, no, the cases aren't compatible with both devices. Even my clear case has a camera hole. Outside of geek land, this might be one hell of a device for people who want a phone to 'make calls' to 'humans', being a) a phone, b) f*cking shiny (oh yeah, give it to me baby etc etc) and c) something Apple can let every network get their grubby mitts on.

  13. sleepy

    maybe, but probably not

    I don't think it's time for this yet, but with a custom keyboard arrangement, no 3G and no (unlimited) data contract, there's a place for such a product which can run the same Apps, but doesn't cut it for text intensive professional / adult / data entry use. Youngsters would cope with the smaller screen, and Apple would get even more subsidy payments from its carriers. But it has to be a proper iPhone, that runs app store apps, to even be a possibility.

    Apple doesn't want to leave a "pricing umbrella for competitors". This might solve that problem without spoiling iPhone 3G sales and margins too badly.

    There's no real evidence that it's true, though (supposed product photos are just one of the many Chinese iPhone copies).

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