back to article Sony's Super AIT - a fall from grace

Sony is reeling, with 16,000 job losses and restructuring looming for its sprawling electronics division. Super AIT tape comes out of that sprawl, and its time may be drawing to a close, squeezed out by LTO much as AIT was squeezed out by DAT. Back in 2004 the first generation Super AIT (SAIT) tape, the half-inch format big …


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  1. Steve Foster

    "ray of hope"?

    Don't be silly. Optical disks are close to end of life, superceded by flash memory as they are.

    Consumers are getting used to the idea of moving data around on memory cards and USB sticks, and we're mere moments away from small form flash that holds as much as a blu-ray disk (if it hasn't happened already).

  2. colin
    Thumb Down

    sony = expensive and propriety

    Sony might of had the better format but Sony likes to sell expensive hardware that will only work on closed protocols and this is what killed the format

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Tapes days are probably numbered

    Its hopeless as a random access medium so its really only suitable for long term storage of data where if you need the tape in an emergency you usually need most of whats on it. Even in a long term storage situation however its not all that trustworthy as tapes are easily damaged or chewed up and deteriorate anyway as the magnetic signal slowly leaks away or is effected by nearby magnetic sources. A combination of solid state storage and optical media is probably the way forward though perhaps something new will come along soon that will trump even those.

  4. PushF12

    tape is more expensive than the cloud

    The price of a fast Internet connection and a cloud storage service like Amazon S3 is often less than a tape silo, and altogether more convenient and scalable.

    One thing that always annoyed me about DLT tape is that the drives were not backwards write-compatible. I always felt that my legacy tape inventory was wasted after a drive upgrade.

  5. BioTube


    When should we expect the next cart-based console? Flash drives have one advantage that's often overlooked: durability. If you step on a disc, it's game over, whereas the rigid plastic around the chips will survive(and they don't get scratched).

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