back to article Minister confirms low Lorenzo usage

Health minister Ben Bradshaw has acknowledged that so far just 24 people are using one of the core systems in the NHS National Programme IT (NPfIT). Bradshaw said that University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Trust is making "limited clinical usage in a single ward, with 10 system users", of the Lorenzo patient administration …


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  1. David Cherry


    So what does that work out at, about 1m per user or higher?

  2. Gulfie

    Cancel, cancel, cancel

    'nuff said. Waste of money. Project too big by far. Nobody wants it. Except government ministers because it allows them to crow about the 'good' they are doing in the NHS.

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  5. Anonymous Coward

    Lorenzo = Vapourware

    You'll never get it - it doesnt exist.... I used to work for iSHITE and Lorenzo was some crappy bolted on front end to iCM & iPM....

    Suckers have been sold the dream that was a shiny front end of Lorenzo and a whole bag of spanners at the back...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Has the clinical governance been thought through in Lorenzo?

    Whether we like it or not, the clear intention is to implement Lorenzo in NME - the three-fifths of the country where the LSP is CSC.

    That being so, I find it very disturbing that the clinical governance and patient safety aspects have not, as far as I have been able to discover, even been considered in its development - any more than they were in SystmOne, the primary care equivalent single shared EPR.

    Lorenzo 4.0 **includes** GP and other primary care records in a **single** record.

    I'm a GP with a long-standing interest in EPRs - and don't forget, most GP records *are* EPRs and not paper.

    The *issues* are, if you only have one record , how do you decide who can enter data, who can see data and who can change/delete data entered in their own or other organisations; how do you manage prescribing (if someone starts a prescription they may well need to change something else); how do you maintain data quality; who is responsible for the holistic care of the patient and who is the data controller for the whole record.

    Confidentiality is a problem if every organisation in the local NHS (plus social services and voluntary organisations under Lord Dazai's review) need access to the record - and your care might be seriously endangered if you refused to share. If you - as the patient - agree to release of information to get a life insurance say, which of the numerous organisations involved in your care gets the consent, and can they release information from the other organisations' records?

    Saying that Lorenzo is vapourware or will never be implemented is, IMVHO, ignoring the contracts held by CSC and the penalty clauses for the NHS if it is *not* introduced in the volumes set out in the original contracts once it has been accredited by CfH: the NHS - at all levels - may well get an offer they can't refuse.

    I'm afraid the NHS is in danger of becoming the victim of the old Scottish curse "May you get what you wished for!" - at anyrate in NME!

  7. Kitten

    What about the rest....

    What about all the progress made in other areas? PACS, Ambulance, Child Health, Prisons - why does everyone forget about those systems? Bad news seems to make better headlines.

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