back to article Xbox iPhone to welcome Metal Gear Solid

We’ve got some bad news for Xbox gamers, but some good news for iPhone users. It turns out that Metal Gear Solid isn’t coming to the Microsoft console any time soon – despite suggestive messaging – and is instead set to launch on the Jesus phone. MGS_iPhone_01 Metal Gear Solid Touch is coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Touch as in Cocoa Touch

    ie, the API that gives the iPhone and iPod Touch their touchyfeeliness. No great mystery there, although the Rev 2 iPod Touch has another 120MHz under the hood, making it a marginally better choice for gaming and other fun things. I don't think there's actually a mechanism in the App Store that differentiates between the various devices, so any app should run on all of them.

    Presumably this version of MGS will break new ground by featuring a gameplay/cutscene ratio greater than 0.3

  2. Spencer Davies

    Here's The Bit Where We All Laugh

    Music to my ears...Iphone gets another pointless app/game and 360 still doesnt get the game..couldn't be happier..puts a smile on my face owning all 3 consoles :)

    I imagine it would have been difficult to port across anyway because the sheer size of the would have like 4 DVD's!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No offense

    But the "ITS A POWER SYMBOL AND THE 360 HAS ONE" argument was always weak as hell. I can't say I seriously thought Konami would do this, but Kojima has always been a massive troll, so I guess it makes sense. I bet they'll make a boatload of money on it too.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    either the game is using lots of 2d images or those "screenshots" are the normal marketing crap

    wonder if you have to stop 5 minutes in to install the next level?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    @Spencer Davies

    Well you can wipe that smile right off your face then when you won't be able to play this incredible looking iPhone game.

    And on the subject of the 360, it would fit on 1 dvd easily.

  6. Rob Beard


    I'm actually pretty surprised. I'd have though there are more 360 owners drooling at the mouth at the thought of getting this game than there are Jesus phone owners who want this game.

    Can't say I'm really fussed myself, I aint got a PS3, iPhone or 360 and I'm not a fan of the MGS series anyway (although I do like that cardboard box thing in it).

    Mines the one with the Wiimote in the pocket.


  7. Thomas Jerome

    I'm going to be a boss

    When downloading the title, will there be an option to not download all of the cut scene content?

    I daresay it would speed up download times...

    Mines the one with the Socom Suppressor in the pocket.

  8. Neil Hoskins


    It's out on N-Gage today, too. Are you going to report that? Oh no, anything that doesn't mention the iPhone isn't newsworthy, is it?

    Is this media obsession just an interesting psychological effect or do Apple pay for all this publicity?

  9. SnakeskinCowboy
    Paris Hilton

    Oh how we laughed...

    At all the Xbox fanboys and their wishful thinking. Nobody had the heart to break the news to them, that the symbol they decided must mean that MGS4 was coming to their favorite white turd of a chavbox360, is also present on 99% of all consumer electronics (including the PS3, PSP and iPhone).

    What's even funnier, is now that it's not coming again, their tune has changed to "we didn't want it anyway"...

    Paris, because even she is not that thick, and even she knows like IGN does, that the PS3 had better games in 2008, and less crap than all the other consoles. -

  10. Spencer Davies

    Re: Anonymous Coward

    Why would i want to play a game on an Iphone when ive played it in all its glory on a Ps3?

    Last time i checked Ps3 was a hell more powerful than an a Iphone so im sure i got the best experience possible.

    Reports claimed that they had trouble putting it onto a single blu ray disk which is 50GB..Further research shows it was a min of around 33GB with a 4.6GB install to disc. The Blu Ray image size is 46.6GB.

    Xbox uses the DVD system..4.7GB would need like 7 discs to get the game going!..have you seen how long the cutscenes are!...Also the "time to change disc" cutscene on the game which mentions that you are using a Ps3 system would have to be either taken out or revamped..which would riun the novelty.

  11. Andy ORourke

    Good Luck

    selling it to the "App store-tards" who seem to bemaon paying more than 99c for anything and even have the temerity to slate free stuff in reviews!

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