back to article Toaster used to recharge gadgets

Most kids are taught not to stick things - aside from bread - into the toaster. But the Toasty Charger’s designer obviously wasn’t, because he’s crafted one with a slot for inserting reachable batteries. Toasty_charger_01 The Toasty Charger: recharge your batteries The concept toaster is designed for lithium-ion batteries …


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  1. Adrian Jones

    Reachable Batteries?

    Does it come with an optional extra for batteries which you can't reach?

  2. Helen-LG
    Thumb Down

    asking for trouble?

    I would be so worried about kids seeing this and not realising that it's ok to do it with this toaster, but not with your normal one

    Obviously it's entirely hypothetical at the moment but that would be my concern if they did launch this as a household item.

  3. Arnold Lieberman


    Is it a 'chef's hat' or, more like (given the design) a SLICE OF BREAD on the side?

  4. Anonymous Coward
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    If it works

    that's a fantastic idea- really simple and intuitive to use. Hopefully it'd help shift people towards creating a standard set of sizes and contacts for batteries!

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Oh wow, yet another 'that would be sooo cool' design

    with no technical design or merit, by a designer who almost doubtless knows nothing about engineering.

    That's exactly what we need more of.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    If you stuck a couple of Dell laptop batteries and a few burgers in there you'd save a fortune on charcoal when summer comes round again.

    Who needs a toaster charger to make you pop up when Paris is around...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Interesting possibilites

    Well for a law suit that is. In today's world I predict that if this comes to market it will be less than six months before the company is sued. Because you know some nitwit or their kid will shove their cell phone battery in the actual toaster and gets hurt.

  8. David Gosnell


    If loaded with Sony batteries and given a slightly more powerful spring, could this be used as a practical grenade launcher?

  9. Rik


    given the pyrotechnical aspirations of Li-Ion batteries, as demonstrated by a number of Dell and Sony laptops, some batteries will indeed come out toasted.

  10. Anonymous Coward


    So my idiot brother-in-law gets confused and puts a lithium pack in a real toaster.


  11. Anonymous Coward

    Reachable batteries?

    Now that we can charge reachable batteries, will it spell the end for all of those unreachable batteries out there?

  12. Dave

    Hmm Cooked batteries

    My toaster sets fire to bread as well


  13. Anonymous Coward

    "reachable batteries"


    But what about the unreachable ones?

  14. Andy Taylor

    Nothing new

    Battery manufacturers have been making batteries that toast themselves for a while now.

    Mine's the one with the overheating iPod in it.

  15. Jeremy

    Borrowed from Apple indeed.

    Why the hell does everything have to look like a damn iPod these days... Honestly, enough with the round white plastic crap - have a new idea for once.

    grumble grumble...

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Chef's hat?

    At first I was wondering why there was a t-shirt on the front, but then I came round to thinking that maybe it was a piece of toast as drawn by someone who has never actually seen a piece of toast or, indeed, a piece of bread, but had the whole concept described to them using Babelfished text messages, and then approved by a senior product development team who had been similarly challenged in the whole bread aesthetics area.

    Anyway, what I really want to know, is, will it charge the battery packs for USB toasters?

  17. James O'Brien


    Damn all you that took the joke out of my hands due to the time difference :(

    /Mines the one with the reachable unrechable batteries in the pocket. Thanks

  18. TeeCee Gold badge
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    All sorts of connections?

    Great. Now explain how you're supposed to get a set of NiMh "AA" cells through the little slot on the top. Hell, even AAAs look problematic.

    Does it come boxed with a free chocolate teapot?

  19. Peter Ford

    Enough with the nannies already

    To all those whingeing about this idea encouraging people to put batteries in real toasters...

    Please go back to reading the Daily Mail - nothing to see here.

    "But think about the children!" - if you are thinking about the children then you should have your toaster (and your battery charger) out of easy reach until they're old/smart enough to look after themselves without burning the house down.

    If someone is fooled into starting a lawsuit by an evil liar^h^h^h^h lawyer, let the courts sort it out. I don't think for one minute a reasonable judge would honestly rule in favour of such a suit.

    Anyway, that's what the Darwin Awards are all about.

  20. Harry
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    The designed obviously kneeded the dough.

    But he's not going to earn his daily bread with it ... because as far as I can see, the slot is much too small to get even a single slice of bread in it.

    To which I can post only one comment ... crumbs!

  21. It wasnt me

    Is the world full of muppets?

    Its a good idea for god's sake.

    Why so many gimps moaing that "kids will put batteries in the real toaster dontcha know. So irresponsible."?

    How about the following: Dont keep it in the kitchen by the real toaster. If your kid is so thick, then put the real toaster out of reach, or just let darwinian evolution take its course.


  22. hj


    Why do i have the feeling that all complainers about the children and lawsuits are North Americans?

  23. Simon B
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    There are some problems with your comment: A title is required.

    Well, I like it, I get the feeling that AA, AAA and common sizes of that type aren't supported which is a shame. But nice idea, and different, makes a boring process a bit more fun!

  24. Yorkshirepudding

    talkie toaster?

    im still waiting for my chirpy breakfast time companion with a pathalogic interest in all things bread

  25. Groz Bat


    That bowl of fruit looks awfully small compared with that slice of bread.

  26. Anonymous John

    With apologies to Frank Sinatra

    To dream the impossible dream

    To fight the unbeatable foe

    To bear with unbearable sorrow

    To run where the brave dare not go

    To right the unrightable wrong

    To be better far than you are

    To try when your arms are too weary

    To reach the unreachable battery

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