back to article Epson Stylus Photo PX800FW all-in-one wireless printer

Epson is well regarded as a maker of the semi-pro and professional inkjet photo printers and some of its large-format printers are mainstays of High Street photography shops. But at the consumer end of the market, it's offerings have often looked a bit basic and sounded rather loud and clunky. The company is clearly trying to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If this Epson is anything.... my old DX6000 then it's crap!

    "Individual colours cost 9.10 a pop - a set of six will set you back 47." This also rings a bell at how expensive it was. Then there was the Error messages the chipped cartridges made.

    Guess what? The printer failed to recognise genuine Epson cartridges, I became so frustrated that I dumped it in the local council dump - despite it still being under guarentee.

    Don't believe me, try googling dx6000, E2 errors, epson chipped cartridges...etc.

  2. Stu
    Thumb Down

    "Cheap to Run"

    Where do Epson get their figures from? The two inkjets I've owned from them both went through a set of cartridges a month, with pretty light usage...

    I'll never buy Epson again.

  3. Darren Bell

    Don't buy this if you run Linux

    What an absolute pain in the arse and it still does not work. I know i should have checked first .... doh. Next printer will be HP.

  4. gizmo23
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    Epson? Never again

    I had a CX5200 all-in-one which was pretty good. I got it because it was totally compatible with Linux, the drivers worked fine. It printed well until I had to change the cartridge when the print head clogged. I dismantled the whole unit & cleaned it and it still didn't print properly.

    Someone designed a printer where the print head clogs up when you change the ink cartridge....

    That was replaced by a HP all-in-one where you can puncture the ribbon cable connecting the print head when you change the ink cartridge..

    Why is it so hard to produce something which a) prints b) prints on envelopes c) doesn't shag the printer when you change the cartridge?

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