back to article Anti-radiation phone chip withdrawn from sale

Do you remember our E-Waves anti-radiation chip story from last week? Well, the retailer behind the device has since withdrawn it from sale because of doubts over its capabilities. Belgian pharmacy chain Omega Pharma has since said that, following launch of the E-Waves chip, a “storm of protest broke out during which …


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  1. Mark Scorah

    a quantum physical information wave

    I'm not sure what one of those is but I think I'd rather have whatever comes out of the phone being blasted at my head than that

  2. Flugal
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    Sounds fair

    Perhaps, whilst we're about it, Wacki Jaqui should be withdrawn from the government because of doubts about her capabilities?

  3. Ted Treen
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    "a quantum physical information wave " means it's saying "All your monies are belong to us".

    All I can say to it is a word not entirely unlike "Bollards".

  4. Ferry Boat

    Take one large snake

    Press at high pressure but with no added heat. The oil that flows at this stage can be called Extra Virgin Snake Oil. Take the pressings and pass via a centrifuge. The oil that comes out at this stage can be sold as Virgin Snake Oil. The spun pressings can now be heated and treated with hexane. This is last extract process gives just plain old Snake Oil.

  5. Simon Neill

    a quantum physical information wave

    Did they modify the deflector dish? Perhaps a simple reversal of the polarity.

  6. Ray

    scientific proof...?

    "storm of protest broke out during which scientific proof of doctors and professors was brought into doubt" - nothing wrong with that except that scientific proof is, of course, usually considered to be intractable. the only way it could not be is either a) someone's made an honest mistake in their hypothesis or measurements or, heaven forbid, b) some company made up a press release purporting results that have subsequently been uncovered by a real experiment. uncovered that is, by the kind of science experiment concerned with the actual advancement of human knowledge and not, maybe, making a fast buck off some naive idiot duped by some very dubious press release.

    i wonder what the odds are.

  7. Secretgeek

    @ James

    It's a load of bollocks and, I agree, I wouldn't want those blasted at my head either.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Isn't the conversation you can hear a quantum physical information wave?

  9. Dan White

    Must be true...

    ... it has the word "Quantum" in it.

    On the other hand, any fule know that to really get results, you *always* need a tachyon pulse. That shit worked for Captain Picard about 30 times...

  10. Anonymous Coward

    I'm shocked.

    Shocked, I tell you.

    Actually, I'm a little shocked that they actually withdrew it - there's no way they ever BELIEVED it worked, so why pull it because it doesn't? God knows the assholes who make those signal boosters never had the same reaction to their bullshit product. Haven't seen any ads recently, though - maybe they took the money and ran.

  11. Ash
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    Bombarding your brain...

    ... with what I presume to be the negative of the signal your phone is generating.

    Must make call quality a little sketchy...

  12. Al
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    ta but...

    waa..... I will just keep wearing my tin-foil hat for a while longer...

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    How does a fool and his money get together in the first place ?

  14. Ricky Cann


    Does George Agdgdgwngo work for this company?

  15. Anonymous Hero


    This reminds me of the psuedo-science crap that peddlers of hair and skin 'beauty' products baffle helpless females with. e.g.

    Silk Polypeptides

    Protection against free radical damage

    Therapeutic antioxidants

    Dermalogical Ultracalming (!!?)


    Unique Skin Brightening Complex


    Quantum Physical Information Wave

  16. Peter


    There was quite some coverage here in Belgium, and just about every expert said it was rubbish and even if it wasn't, cellphones would detect a worse signal and start to increase the power of the signals they're emitting, rendering the whole thing useless.

    And the quantum thing would be totally irrelevant as normal physics apply to cellphone signals (I say 'would be' because I'm no expert, I just read it somewhere, then moved on to my evening of mind-numbing TV).

  17. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    Re: I'm shocked.

    "Haven't seen any ads recently, though - maybe they took the money and ran."

    Or maybe their financial backer, Mr Madoff, pulled the plug.

  18. Gerard Krupa

    Why do we need this?

    Why do we need quantum physical information waves when the radiation will clearly be stopped by all the pentapeptides, vitamin B-73, hyaluronic acids and other bullshitides that are found in today's cosmetics which come equipped with all the most effective fake effects that pseudo-science can provide.

  19. Steve Anderson

    The great thing about quantum physics

    From what I recall, in quantum theory the observation of an event has a direct effect on the event itself. Quantum encryption is unbreakable because merely observing it disrupts it enough to mark it broken. (Something like that. I'm at work and can't remember.)

    So from this, I conclude that this chip works; it's just if you try and observe it working it stops working. I think the lights in fridges are similar.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    2 things to say to the company:

    1) Define the term "quantum physical information wave" I keep up on current tech and don't recall ever hearing this term.

    2) Good riddance---don't let the door hit 'ya where the good lord split 'ya

  21. Chris O'Shea

    @steve anderson

    Steve said "I conclude that this chip works; it's just if you try and observe it working it stops working. I think the lights in fridges are similar."


    Yes, just like the "psychic" Uri Geller etc. whose psychic powers appear to be blocked yb having some reputable scientists, magicians and skeptics in the audience and checking out the equipment ...

  22. Mike Silver badge

    Fool and money, first cause

    Daddy or Mummy, of course. Or perhaps daft old Aunt Edith.

  23. Anonymous Coward

    phone radiation protection system ..

    See phone radiation protection system here ..

  24. J

    I wonder...

    "scientific proof of doctors and professors was brought into doubt"

    I wonder, but am too lazy to check, whether they ever named the "doctors and professors", or gave the references to the peer reviewed, respectable-journal-published "scientific proof" they refer too...

    Any time you see something like "many scientists agree with (or doubt)" something and it all sounds sketchy, you can be sure there will be no accompanying list of names or respectable publications. Or they will be engineers, or something -- which normal people sometimes mistake for scientists.

  25. James O'Brien


    They are taking my money making tin-hats away from me. By not selling the high priced "chips" no one will want my tin hats for only a tenner each...


  26. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    Presumably Q would design one for Jame Bond

    which projects Quantum of Solace Information Waves.

    Yes, I know it isn't a very good joke, but then it wasn't a very good film.

  27. Kenny Millar


    Sorry what? Have I missed something here?

    I never trustd the tinfoils hats - because as far as I can see they have no active component, and won't work as a faraday cage since they are not grounded, but this new device should be ok, after all it's got a chip in it.

    Mine is the one with the wire wool lining.

  28. Cortland Richmond

    Shocked, I tell you!

    Doubts? What is the world coming to!

    Doubts they HAVE doctors and professors on this. Doubts the photos even have a handset in them. Doubts the scans could even resolve cellphone-caused thermal gradients. Doubts the ad writers know what information is, let alone the quantum kind. But about protection?

    I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

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