back to article The benefits of co-ordinating dev and ops efforts

Over the past few days here we’ve been considering the Chinese wall that can exist between development and operations teams. From a practical perspective, we know from research we ran a month or so ago that the picture ain’t quite so bad as some of the comments might suggest (Figure 1) – though it's interesting to note from the …


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  1. andrew
    Paris Hilton

    thanks for the graphs paris could understand

    survey result graphs on previous articles have been a little dense and hard to understand

    thanks for easing up on the density of detail it is easier to understand this way

  2. Pierre

    Bias, I write your name

    Pessimistic and/or disgruntled respondents are pessimistic and or disgruntled. Well done.

    Seriously, can't you see the bias here?

This topic is closed for new posts.