back to article SGI slashes 15 per cent of its workforce

Supercomputer maker Silicon Graphics announced late last Thursday that it would be slashing 15 per cent of its 1,500-person workforce to lower costs. In a statement Bo Ewald, SGI's chief executive officer, blamed the recession in the United States, for the layoffs along with the weakened global economy, and the related credit …


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  1. MacRat

    SGI still exists?

    Last time I heard about them is when they paid for advertising in the "Lost In Space" movie.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    1500 workers!!!

    I am very surprised that SGI has that many workers. They don't build an OS, They use Intel Chips. Cray only has 800 people and I think they are more of a marque name in super computers then SGI. Of course SGI's headquarters is almost withing shouting distance of NASA Ames so maybe they use the extra 700 people to visit Ames for marketing.

  3. Daniel B.

    Re: 1500 workers!!!

    "They don't build an OS, They use Intel Chips."

    I think the last vestiges of the once Mighty SGI went away when they filed for Chapter 11. That was when they killed their MIPS systems, IRIX, and practically became something similar to the current "Cray" corp: just another stupid Intel box vendor.

    They don't even have the 3D accel chip business anymore.

  4. Sean Crago

    In related news:

    Related headline - SGI continues to exist.

  5. Gary Schmidt

    Bo thinks that HPC doesn't need storage

    He's not too bright, he thinks that SGI can recover its glory days just by producing very fast boxes, ignoring the problem of being able to store the data and get at it quickly.

    (Oh, and IRIX was dead before the Chapter 11, maybe if the bloke who took over then was still around, at least he understood that you have to make products that are actually bought, not just have an impressive spec sheet.)

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