back to article Centera Belgian development centre to close

EMC intends to close down its Centera development centre in Belgium, putting 50 jobs at risk, but absolutely denies that the Centera product is coming to the end of its life. The intended layoffs are part of company wide cutbacks which surfaced earlier this month. They raise a question about the future of Centera and its …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I seem to recall...

    I seem to recall that EMC undertook that if they ever dropped Centera that its code base would become open sorced. I hope this is still the case.

    Also, 1.5PB seems rather a low number for the total data stored in centera, especially considering that its generally used for image stores, telephone voice recording or the like.

    Finally, the company I work for has _a_ _lot_ of centera and EMC hardware in general, I hope for our account manager's sake that they aren't stopping the centera line because he'll be on the end of a savage beating with a big stick labelled IBM.

  2. Nick


    I too hope for the customers sake that Centera does not drop off the face of the earth. Your data should outlive your vendor or its product lines ...

    Incidentally, I heard that the prevalent content type of the data was cheque images, email and financial data with an average file size of 25kb....that's a lot of files.

    Another interesting factoid: the $/GB of Centera was rumoured to be in the $15-20/GB ... 1.5PB * ...... owch

    Sad day for my friends in Mechelen, there will be some talented clustered storage boys and girls hitting the market today.

  3. Chris Mellor

    Centera developer website

    This came as a mail to me from a Register reader:-


    Right after reading the article, the following appears in email, and only 4-days notice:

    This is to notify you that Centera Developers Portal (Lighthouse) is moving to the new EMC Community Network site. The new site has improved functionality, features, blogs, discussion forums and enhanced search engine.

    Please note that the following will no longer be available after December 19th, 2008:

    * Lighthouse website:

    * Centera Developers Portal Forums

    Hmm, End-of-life [EOL] for Centera? If all the software developers are gone, the project managers and top Centera people too, what does this mean? It would seem that EMC is getting ready to announce an EOL for Centera? They say one thing but actions speak louder than words, corporate staff gone, developers being let go, website discontinued, err, moved, ...


  4. Chris Mellor

    Lighthouse site too expensive

    Sent anonymously to me:-

    The lighthouse web site is moving just because it is insanely expensive to host in Belgium. That move was planned way before these other actions.


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