back to article LG KF300 budget clamshell phone

So what if you’re after a phone that doesn’t have an eight-megapixel camera, smartphone functionality or touchscreen tech? LG’s been busy of late speccing up and serving out a pick-and-mix of eye-catching and - occasionally - innovative mobiles, but they're not for everyone. Enter LG’s KF300, aimed squarely at those mobile …


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  1. Mike Perrin
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    Not everyone needs a leading edge phone

    Me for instance!

    I have the KF300s predecessor with Orange, the F2250, for nearly 3 years now.

    I phone friends and text them and that's about it. I like the bigger size of a clamshell, it's easier to hold and bigger keys make it easier for adult hands :-) It charges up well, and gives good clear calls.

    And you say this new one has all this, plus a camera? And a radio? and it plays mp3s? and your reviewer says its just as stylish and well made as the old one?

    Straightforward inexpensive phone that lots of people will enjoy, from the sound of it!

  2. Graham Lockley

    Some nice points

    The white on black keypad font has a nice retro look about it and I can see this being a possible Xmas gift for my 72 year old mother. Shame its (currently) only available from those cutpurses at Orange at the moment, if it gets released with a decent mobe company then i will consider a purchase.

    Oh sh*t.. I used the m*be word, apologies to everyone :)

  3. Paul Webb

    I wish this had been available earlier

    I spent bloody ages looking for a suitable phone for my Mum (71 going on 17). Still, she's happy with her candybar HandleEasy 330gsm from BioAcoustics:;jsessionid=154945fab294892/shopdata/index.shopscript

    Next lesson: Do not put phone at bottom of handbag!


This topic is closed for new posts.

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