back to article Wisemen bring Jesus Phone (free) cut-and-paste

Thanks to a new, free, web-based service launched today, you can now cut and paste text snippets between Safari and Mail on your iPhone. As The Reg pointed out in our recent overview of Apple hardware, the Jesus Phone's lack of a cut-and-paste capability is one of its more annoying limitations. As we wrote, the lack of cut-and …


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  1. Jeremy

    Just a tad ridiculous...

    I mean, come on... How complicated? Might as well write it on a piece of paper, stick it in an envelope and mail it...

    And anyway, lots of people use the clipboard for sensitive data like complex system-generated passwords, etc... Do you really want all your clipboard data being bounced off an unknown third party who can store it, parse it for email addresses, insert content (pay us five bucks for premium service or we'll insert 'relevant' ads), etc, etc?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Too many steps

    Is this an example of the simplicity Mactards like to preach about their favourite OS and Phone? If so I am glad I didn't buy into the whole fad.


  3. Player_16
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    Sounds like something you'd do in AutoCAD. That's a lot of hoops to jump thru.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    All this just to move data between applications ? A function that has been there in all mainstream OS's since Win 3.1 ?

    C'mon crApple, people obviously want this so do the decent thing.

  5. jubtastic1

    That's retarded

    There are plenty of instances where copy & paste would come in handy but moving content from Safari to mail isn't one of them, either click the [+] button and select "Mail Link to this page" or zoom in on the text you want, screengrab (tap home & hold buttons simultaneously), and mail the snapshot that now resides in your camera roll.

    Still I suppose publicising embarrassing bodges like this might coerce Apple to kick C&P up the priority list a little.

    *ignores the 'C&P has been around ^since^ Win 3.1' troll above.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    cut and paste

    would be nice on the N95

  7. Daar Istia


  8. The Other Steve

    WTF ?

    There's really no cut/paste ? And the solution is WEB BASED ??? Sorry, but whoever is responsible for the lack of cut/paste, and whoever thought that the best way to work around it is a solution that requires you to be connected a network so that you can use a fucking web service to copy a few lines of text are both complete asshats.


    No, that doesn't help me to quote mail, and sending screen grabs is shit headed, stop apologising for asshats.

  9. Ivan Headache


    So you know a phone that runs Win3.1?

  10. MD Rackham

    example of the simplicity Mactards like to preach?

    Anonymous Coward asks "Is this an example of the simplicity Mactards like to preach about their favourite OS and Phone?"

    The answer is no. This is the sort of thing the unholy union of Web 2.0-tards and Unixtards (Unitards?) come up with. If it's even remotely possible, it must be cool! Sort of like expecting end users to compile your source code.

    Sorry, I'll wait for Steve.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Maybe they should have looked at their earlier work!

    The newton had an awesome clipboard

    that is all...

  12. raving angry loony

    The only 'tard is Apple.

    Let's get one thing straight. The iPhone has nothing to do with Macs. If anything, the iPhone and iPod Touch are the two products that have gotten me so riled with Apple that I'm refusing to purchase any more products from them. I'll settle for substandard, poorly designed hardware rather than deal with those assholes anymore.

    This cut-and-paste business is just one example. The idea of an App store where they arbitrarily decide what apps I'm allowed is another. Sure, vet apps for malware, but let the customers decide if they want it. Their utter refusal to allow me to use the device for what I want to use it for is yet another. They took great hardware then someone's megalomania got in the way. I wonder how many other former Apple fans they've driven off by the single minded idiocy? So many ideas and concepts that made Macs great are utterly broken in the iPhone/iPodTouch model they've chosen.

    Fuck Apple. Fuck them right between the eyes with a rusty chainsaw.

  13. Bill Cumming

    oops......(drat fixed)


    As they say one hole closes another HUGE security hole opens.....

    Users of this new "web app" can cut their own info and paste someone else's info while they are there :D

    Drat flaw was fixed.... :(

  14. Trix
    Jobs Horns


    FFS. What a hack-job, in the worst sense of the words. So much for Apple's wonderful ease-of-use, eh?

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What I want

    Is copy and paste from Mail to Safari, or copy and paste within Safari. Nothing gets on my nerves more than "Enter this 20 digit code to complete your registration" popping up when I'm casually browsing from my iPod touch, because I know I'm either going to have to write something, or get some other device out to finish registering.

  16. Jim Coleman
    Jobs Horns


    *coughcough* excuse me while I laugh my arse off, whoops there it goes.

    Windows Mobile has had cut and paste in all apps since 1471, where it was used at the Battle of Tewkesbury on a handset made of burnished walnut. No not really, but you know what I'm sayin'.

    Apple can't be serious in producing a phone without such a basic feature, surely? That's like missing out, I dunno, a Task list or something. What?


  17. Jessica Werkz

    @anonymous cowards

    Nice to see the 'tard baiters are out and about frothing at the mouth and generally spouting more gibberish than usual. Where is webster?

  18. Paolo


    Very good - I have a mental picture of a bloodied solidier asking his general for the next strategic move and his general waving his hand in the direction of certain death without looking up from tap-tapping his burnished walnut clad copy of solitaire...

  19. Scott Mckenzie


    That seems quite complex for a something i have no requirement for!

  20. JimS
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    Nothing new...

    Been possible since early 2008 at least - - think that works the same way from what I can see.

    Also be about as popular.

    Biggest problem is that I want copy and paste between any application on the iPhone, not just Safari/Mail.

    Anything less is just a pointless gimmick imo.

    Appl€ need to pull their fingers out of their arses and actually implement all the missing features that seem to be standard on every other phone on the planet apart from the iPhone.

    It's a great bit of kit but the missing features have caused at least 2 people I know to stop using it as a business phone and move to the Storm.

    Only reason I'm still using it is because I'm not due an upgrade until February. If at that point it still doesn't have those standard features, I'll be binning it as well.

  21. barnaby

    Copy and Paste on N95 (and other s60)`

    here is a youtube video showing how to do it

    just copy and paste it into your browser

  22. Haku


    A FOUR PAGE article on how to copy'n'paste?

    Smartphone my arse.

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