back to article Brazilian hackers blamed for aiding Amazon deforestation

Malicious hackers have been charged with all manner of misdeeds, from mounting the biggest military hack ever to sending Viagra to Bill Gates to crashing sewerage systems. On Friday, Greenpeace accused cybercrooks of conspiring to allow actions that threaten the balance of nature by helping to destroy the Amazon rainforest. …


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  2. Tom Simnett
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    Nice to know...

    they're using the "correct" system of measurements, as defined by El Reg!

  3. Petrea Mitchell

    Or perhaps...

    ...the fault lies with whoever put crappy security on the allocation system?

  4. Ed

    If they were serious about protecting the environment

    They'd also curtail the companies' logging activities until the forest/jungle had sufficient opportunity to recover from the additional logging.

  5. Alan Esworthy
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    olympic fun

    I prefer to think of that as enough timber to make 1,140,210,678 very, very durable Bulgarian funbags. Mind the splinters!

  6. Barry Rueger
    Paris Hilton


    "Some restaurants where using some simple tools to erase from the databases of their POS programs some huge percentage of tickets not printed as invoices..."

    And some get nailed for it:

    Hey - am I the only person who read the headline on this story and got confused trying to guess how was reakted to deforestration?

  7. Daniel Garcia

    @Barry Rueger

    that was my fisrt thought!

  8. n


    but hold on just a minute!

    SO..... brazil cuts and sells trees,

    which might make the GREENHOUSE effect,

    which in turn helps their trees to grow faster!

    (clue is in the name surely, or has the greenhouse effect been rebadged under a more scary name nowadays)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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