back to article WordPad zero-day adds to MS security woes

Microsoft bumper patch batch on Tuesday failed to address not just one but two zero-day vulnerabilities, each of which has become the scope of targeted attacks. Tuesday brought eight bulletins from Microsoft addressing 28 vulnerabilities. As previously reported, the batch fails to address a new Internet Explorer vulnerability …


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  1. Martin Lyne


    Your failboat has arrived.

    Good way to get people to move to Vista or Linux though. Make all the old Windows security risks again.

  2. Ryan


    They *have* released a patch for the majority already? (SP3 of course!)

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Oh for heavens sake!

    "In addition, an unpatched vulnerability in WordPad has also become fodder for malicious hackers. The issue affects the Wordpad text converter for Word 97."

    Look I don't want to get all on the MS bashing train but FFS! It's fecking text editor with a few tweaks for colour and font, HTF does it give "malicious hackers" something to work on? WTF is in that O/S? Oh yes, sorry we can't tell you 'cos it's proprietry IP!

    I know the cock-up with SSL certs was a bit of an unmitigated disaster for Debian, but for crying out loud, a text editor?!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ...but what about mspaint?

  5. GF

    WordPad Zero-Day Flaw to Servers???

    Only a stupid admin would check his/her e-mail on a Windows server and then open an attachment with WordPad. So why is this a server zero-day flaw?

  6. Daniel Harris

    Wordpad has been around for ages...

    So surely this Wordpad flaw has been around for many years now? Would they have ever had to change the code for the Wordpad program very much over the years? I'd guess not so it must have been around for quite a while now?

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