back to article Groupware put to the test and found wanting

Over 300 of you responded to the business productivity mini-poll. Thank you very much. But what did you say? Is groupware a dog or a god? Well, let's put it this way, when it comes to productivity, it currently ranks just above Search/Discovery and Graphical Tools. And they're the least popular. Of the tools in use today, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Measurement Error?

    I suspect part of the problem groupware is seeing is in the nature of this survey.

    You used the example of "Lotus Notes", which is so utterly shite, most people instantly clicked "do not want" instinctively...

    <can the Slow Toss Notes fanboys afford their own black helicopter?>

  2. Britt Johnston

    say it clearly

    <setting clearer goals and objectives> is too mealy-mouthed to change a mind set.

    So here, black on white, is my #1 cause. The most important decision is to share data rather than to secure it. Put another way, 'need to know' blocks knowledge working.

  3. Stephen Channell

    Lostit Notes

    I think it’s a fair bet that those that groupware decreasing are Lostit Notes users, and those that think it’s going to be more important either don’t currently use LostIt Notes, or though the question applied to CRM or workflow tools.

    I wouldn’t have read this article had I not been forced to do something else while Lostit Notes “archived” before allowing me to send a 1k message.

    calling Lostit Notes shite is a compliment.. at least you can put shite on a rose bead.

  4. Dave Harris


    Isn't that rather an out-of-date term, now? Sure, Notes (can't comment on Groupwise) was originally groupware, but now it does pretty much everything that's listed above Groupware on the chart.

This topic is closed for new posts.