back to article Nappies OK'd by beaks in Nowak space loverat fracas

Statements made to police by former astronaut Lisa Nowak, accused of plotting to kidnap and mishandle a rival for the affections of a space shuttle pilot, have been thrown out of court by appeal judges. However various items found in her possession and in her car - including used nappies allegedly worn by Nowak, a hunting knife …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    excuse me for saying but....

    is'nt there a disproportionate number of people arrested at NASA for things like downloading porn, plotting murders etc etc ?.

  2. Mark


    "astro romanta-rat Bill Oefelein, who apparently enjoyed the affections of Nowak and Shipman concurrently while Nowak remained married to a brother Navy flier"

    This does seem to have a tone of opprobrium against the Bill in the triangle. But it's at least a quadrangle: Nowak was cheating on her husband.

    Face it, women are just as sex mad as men.

    We get to boast about it (or make it up as per personal situation demands) and they get so say "No" (which is often the situation that makes it necessary for men to lie about it).

  3. Mike Smith

    Nappy sizes

    Sloppy reporting here, Mr Page:

    "the much-wrangled-over nappies found in Nowak's motor were actually her children's, used while evacuating in the face of Hurricane Rita"

    I'm confused now. Does this mean that Nowak is a dwarf with an incredibly skinny arse, or that her kids are chronically obese and need huge nappies?

    Either way, I'll bet Rita was glad that the kids wore nappies if they were evacuating in her face.

  4. dervheid

    Sounds like ...

    she's the expert in "Long Duration Missions" that the Navy have (allegedly) been looking for!

    Is that a post as "Flight Instructor" or "Fight Instructor"?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Mike Smith

    "Does this mean that Nowak is a dwarf with an incredibly skinny arse, or that her kids are chronically obese and need huge nappies?"

    We are talking about americans here, what do you think?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I've just read the story again and spotted one word that I somehow missed the first time around and it makes all the difference. The word is "used".

    Is Nowak really saying she kept used nappies in her car for 15 months?

    I once experienced an unpleasant smell in my car and discovered a used nappy in the boot that had only been there for a week. Even though it was double bagged the smell was nasty and pervading the whole car. Gawd only knows what would happen to a fifteen month old used nappy, it gets kind of hot in parked cars in summer doesn't it? I really don't believe you could leave used nappies in a car, however contained, without noticing something.

  7. Steve Sutton

    @Mike Smith

    I'm more conderned that she was "evacuating in the face of Hurricane Rita" Does this simply involve going out into the wind, dropping her pants and letting it all go, or is some sort of contraption required to properly target the face?

    And another thing, I know hurricanes have eyes but do they have entire faces?

  8. Peyton


    We don't have this word in the States, but in the context of an infant, it's kind of cute. In the context of a crazed astronaut - it's priceless!

  9. Henry Wertz Gold badge

    Astronauts these days...

    "Lykkebak has previously stated that the much-wrangled-over nappies found in Nowak's motor were actually her children's, used while evacuating in the face of Hurricane Rita in September 2005, fifteen months before the unpleasantness in the carpark."

    Even as a lame defense, would you seriously claim this? As AC "Used?!" says, who the hell would keep used diapers in their car for 15 months... also I would think that it'll be easy to tell 1) they're totally the wrong size and 2) Roughly how long they've been soiled.

    Astronauts these days, jeez....

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @Steve Sutton

    Fantastic. I LOL'd.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Steve Sutton

    Do note that there is a pending patent on flying planes around the eye of hurricane to stop them.

    So evacuating in the face of Rita would probably stop her blowing.

  12. Hugh_Pym

    Nappy vs Diaper

    Oddly enough the English usage of Nappy, a diminutive of Napkin which itself has roots as a diminutive of Nappe or 'table cloth' (the same root as Map). Whereas Diaper comes from a word or phrase meaning 'very white' and was used to describe an ornamental cloth.

    So perhaps this is just mistranslation and although to us in the UK it appears that she had very small table cloths that may have been fowled by urine and/or faecal matter. In the USA it was obvious that she drove wearing only very white ornamental cloths and discarded these when she left the car for the bitch fight, sorry I mean 'incident' .

    I think I prefer to think of the second option.

    P.S. could we have a 'beware UK 'English' English usage' Icon

  13. Mark

    re: Nappy vs Diaper

    The tablecloth (Nap) was put there as a hygenic alternative to throwing the bones over to the fire so the dogs ate them and wiping your hands on your clothes. You wiped your hands on the table cloth.

    Soiling it.

    Of course, later that got stylised and eventually unless the tablecloth was SPOTLESS after the mean, you were a messy eater and a slovenly cad who should not be out in polite society.

    But that was it's original use: to wipe your hands on rather than use your sleeves.

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