back to article Microtune boots up for in-car TV

Digital tuner chip company Microtune has launched a new chip for in-car reception of DVB-T signals, a market expected to explode during 2009, despite the obvious luxury status of in-car TV reception. Getting a decent TV signal into a car isn't as easy as it might initially appear. Traditional analogue systems are only good up …


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  1. Herby

    Digital TV

    Not likely. The signals aren't that good. It will never work. Especially in a hilly territory like the San Francisco Bay area.

    Back to DVDs for me!

  2. Stuart Gray

    km/h please

    "kmph" is too clunky, and not a usual measure (at least, not on any speedometers I have read)

  3. Martin

    @Stuart 11:47

    I thought they meant 210,000 mph!

  4. Stuart Gray


    Damn, I didn't think of that, digital TV on the Shuttle for teh win!

  5. stefan

    Nothing new

    i have had a dvb tv and radio receiver in my fromtera for the past 2 years hooked threw a 2ghz media box under the seat. firebrand and resell.

  6. Tim Weigel

    Aaah, the car culture in Japan

    I'm not surprised that this'd be big in Japan. For various reasons, Japanese folks often seek to kit their cars out to an occasionally ridiculous degree, and it's not a new thing.

    Japanese TV is indeed pretty bad, though if you're not used to it it's fascinating for a little while.

  7. Jon H

    Add on unit?

    Will we be able to buy just the tuner (and aerials) box which has a video output? My media player head unit has a video input which would be ideal for this. A friend of mine has tried a freeview box in his car and says it only works when stationary!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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