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So, how much difference does two inches make? This is what you must ask yourself when deciding if the Archos 7 is worth the extra cash over and above its 5in-screened sibling, the Archos 5. While the 7 is a big chunk-of-a-device, it doesn't feel the unholy monster that the Archos 705 does. Size-wise it measures 190 x 110 x …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    No big advantage over an UMPC

    The only thing is battery life and then still. For this price, you might as well get a decent UMPC and watch the videos and listen to the audio on there. On the plus side, an UMPC will have a real keyboard and other software that you may need.

  2. Jonathan


    I love my 705 (clunky as anything, but good and solid), but...

    The "codec whinge" is annoying, but nowhere near as annoying as the fact of the missing codecs.

    It's not like they can use price as a justification - "they'd be even more expensive" doesn't really cut it.

    So, much as I love my 705, I'm not going to buy another Archos product if it doesn't come with proper codec support built in. Once bitten, twice shy.

  3. Monty Burns

    Im with AC... whats wrong with a laptop?

    Why would you buy this at that price when you can get a laptop down your local high street for the same price. So many more advantages.... and only the loss of battery - trains and planes now have plugs in the seats you know!

  4. Steve Sutton

    Can it..

    ..handle MPEG Transport Stream files? i.e. can I copy recordings off my digi HDR and play them on this?

  5. Henry Cobb

    I'm still using my 300

    I'm using the Archos 300 mostly as a PVR and static playback device (nice to pack for international flights) and then plug it into the sat dish and the TV.

    Then I transfer over my files to the laptop.

    It would be nice to have a nettop that had decent linux drivers for video input as most don't have room for a plugin card.

    What this review was missing was the cost for the extra bits to record video as well as play it.

  6. Dave


    For that kind of money I would expect a much higher screen resolution.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Beware using it as a DVR

    For the third generation now, the clock still loses minutes every day. Not good when you have scheduled it to record your favourite program!

    Also, still after three generations, you still cannot record back to back programs. You get awful video/audio sync problems when you try to do it.

    As the DVR station is an extra £80 on top of the already expensive device, these issues really are taking the mickey and Archos seem unable to fix them (The 5 suffers from the same problems as well see for discussions about this)

    One final thing. Archos have been promising the HiDef plug-in for a very long time now and there's still no sign of it.

  8. Sarah Davis

    same old issues

    i have the old 500, it's great except for a couple of issues which still have not been addressed in the new range. It can't handle AC3, or Qpel, and it can't down-size HD

    i'd sat don't bother

    (mine's the one with 20 Epsom in the pocket)

  9. Elsie

    Netbook FTW

    I've had an AV500 for more than 2 years and I love it. I'd also love the new 5 or 7 but I simply can't justify the money when I could get high spec Netbook (Samsung NC10) for less money ... and I wouldn't have the hassle of buying extra codecs / hardware. Archos really do make great bits of kit but they're asking too much now. I'll keep my AV500 until it eventually dies but in the meantime my money is going on a netbook, not another Archos.

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