back to article Microsoft squeezes out Oxite 'open source' blogger platform

Microsoft has released alpha code for an "open source" blogging platform dubbed Oxite. Redmond will be hoping the platform – which sounds like a spotty teen's best friend to us – will compete with the likes of market big boys Wordpress and Google’s Blogger. But many will argue that now is an odd time for the firm to be …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    No way!

    "evangelist Jeff Sandquist claimed that “Oxite, is an open source, standards compliant, and highly extensible content management platform that can run anything from blogs to big web sites.”"

    What? It isn't innovative? Are you sure he is a Microsoft spokesman?

    /mines the innovative one with the gloves fastened to the arms with string.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Web 2.0 (a bit off topic)

    "Microsoft is on its somewhat kamikaze mission to become a force in the Web 2.0 world"

    The other day, my girlfriend (that's right - I'm NOT a Linux user :-) ), asked me what "Web 2-0" was. Someone had said something to her on the lines of "bla bla ...facebook ...myspace ....bla bla tube know - Web 2-0".

    This got me thinking - what IS "Web 2-0"? When AJAX first came on the scene about (what?) 18 months ago - something like that, I started hearing "Web 2-0" and thought it referred to AJAX and similar techniques. Have I been wrong all this time? Does it REALLY refer to facebook, myspace , you tube, blogs, etc? ie - perfectly ordinary web sites that ...well ....that what?

    What IS Web 2-0? Other than just some silly buzz word on the same lines as "extreme programming". Can anyone tell me?

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  4. Anonymous Coward

    MS + Open Source = lies

    As open as something that is really well shut!!!

  5. Pierre

    Open source and standard compliant

    read: "we at MS have access to the source code and you can have a glance at it, too. It will soon be compliant with the standards that we will base on it".

    The license is not open source, it's not even freeware license, it's more like shareware, only a tad less free. Equip Flail.

  6. Kevin Bailey

    Built with ASP.NET MVC?

    ASP.NET MVC? As that's a new one to me I thought I'd look into it.

    I've had a quick look around. It looks like they've dropped the runat="server" and postback stuff?

    On one of the developer's blogs I found:

    "Postback heavy controls won't support postback operations though." Not sure how heavy is heavy.

    This looks like effectively a forking of ASP.NET.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    F; See me after class.

    "Microsoft has released" - Microsoft released

    "Redmond will be hoping the platform ... will compete" - Redmond hopes the platform ... can compete

    "But many will argue" - Many argue

    "for the firm to be developing" - for the firm to develop

    "hasn’t exactly fared well when scrutinised about its open source claims." - hasn't fared well when its open source claims have been scrutinized.

    "Just last month Microsoft said its CodePlex site would be revised before the year's out to signpost genuinely open source projects, after the company got itself in hot water." - Just last month, after getting itself in hot water, Microsoft said it would revise the CodePlex site to signpost genuinely open source projects.

    "Sandquist said the code, which was built using ASP.NET Model View Controller, currently on offer is merely a “lightweight sample” for developers to play with." - Sandquist said the code, which was built using ASP.Net Model View Controller, is merely a "lightweight sample" for developers to play with.

  8. Robert Moore

    The seventh sign

    Surely M$ releasing an "open source" product is the seventh sign.

  9. Elrond Hubbard

    Happy Days

    What a fantastic opportunity for new creators to enter the Blogosphere. Ahhh, Blogs - you just can't get enough of 'em.

  10. Jodo Kast
    IT Angle

    Ahh,... the old CMS trick

    The Old CMS trick!

    It's amazing that Microsoft is so late to the game.

    The first 'CMS'/Blog/Micro-blogging platform that can run anything from blogs to big websites was "The Aquarium" from Blue Puff Software.

    It's a development method, not related to a particular software language.

  11. Anonymous Hero
    Gates Halo

    @Kevin Bailey

    ASP.NET MVC isn't a fork of ASP.NET. It still runs on top of the ASP.NET infrastructure. ASP.NET MVC is just an alternative to ASP.NET Forms which will continue to be a valid model for developers for a long time to come.

  12. N

    Microsoft - open source?

    Yeah, right, I feel a shudder down my spine reading those words in the same sentence

  13. Jeff Deacon

    MS - no change to its spots

    How does it go now? Ah yes ...

    Embrace, Extend, Extinguish!

    Couldn't be easier when you have more money than sense.

  14. Chris Thorpe

    Licensing issues

    Oxite includes the JQuery library, which may be licensed under MIT or GPL licenses. Anyone care to comment on whether either license permits inclusion in a package released under Microsoft's more restrictive terms?

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