back to article Mozilla boudoir shoots out second Firefox 3.1 beta

The second beta of Firefox 3.1 landed yesterday for Windows lovers and Mac fanboys keen to fiddle with Mozilla’s new private browsing porn mode feature. It also comes loaded with the speedier JavaScript engine TraceMonkey, which is now switched on as the default setting. There’s support for video and audio built into web …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Support for audio and video?

    Perfecto mundos.

    Now, I am going to check this out, and if it turns it is doesn't really, in as much as you need to some odd plug-in or something weird that is not W3C compliant, I shall be back, spanking paddle in hand. If it does work, then I will click on a few register ads and be sure not to bounce back.

  2. Dick Emery
    IT Angle

    Will this fix...

    ...the problem with blurry thumbnail images that so plagues the current version? I find it annoying when viewing chan boards that the thumbnail images are fuzzy looking. It also screws with pixel art. They have been promising to fix this problem for a while now.

  3. Jacob Reid

    Is the Awful bar fixed yet?


    I am still using Firefox 2 and will until it either gets too old (change browser) or they give an option to disable it in Ff 3.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Porn mode? Not if the IWF get at it first.

    Your extreme porn no longer exists, 404 fail for all.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    @Dick Emery

    You mean the bug that was fixed in 3.01 in July?

  6. Fab De Marco

    What Awful Bar?

    FF3 Looks fine to me. I see no Bar added onto FF3 that wasn't in FF2

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  8. Greg Trocchia

    @Jacob Reid

    You do have the ability to turn off the "Awesome Bar", you just have to go to about:config to do it. Set browser.urlbar.maxRichResults to 0 and that should give you a regular address bar without auto-suggest (this was one of the first things I did upon upgrading to FF3). I agree that this should have been made configurable from the options (preferences, on a Mac) dialog, but simply Googling "disable awesome bar" would give you a bunch of links that tell you how to edit about:config. Not optimal, but acceptable (since you can, indeed, turn the thing off, provided you know how), I guess.

  9. Loki
    Paris Hilton

    Open Source... you have to love it!

    This is what happens in the world of open source. The developers are not only the community but they listen to the community.

    Microsoft decide what they are going to do, and its up to marketing to sell it.

    OSS asks the cummunity what they want, and they say "Something to hide our disgusting surfing habits from our significant other".... yay!!!

    Nothing worse than the auto-complete feature either. Someone borrows your computer and starts to type in and the address bar suggests instead. Most embarrassing.

  10. Stef

    Browser wars

    As a long time fan of both Firefox and Google I felt duty-bound to give Chrome a try.

    Early on it obviously still had a long way to go, but once I started using it I found going back to Firefox almost painful. Not Internet Exploder painful, you understand, but Chrome's all-in-one bar and sheer speed make it near impossible to for me to go back.

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