back to article Gaps blight JavaFX early promise

After a long wait, JavaFX 1.0 trundled onto the Windows and Mac stage last week and took an awkward bow. Was it worth the 18 months of audience slow-hand-clapping? Do the results justify Sun Microsystems' apparent diversion of resources away from Swing? Can the finished product compete with the already established Adobe …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    "...the platform should have a bright future"

    El Reg in Positive Sun Product Review Shocker

  2. Gulfie
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    We need Mobile

    FC will have bright future IF the mobile version allows me to write ONE application that can adapt itself to either mobile or desktop based on screen size and UI capabilities.

  3. Osvaldo
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    "JavaFX mobile nowhere in sight", how?

    Perhaps it's you who are very short-sighted, as Java FX Mobile (in beta quality) shipped together with the 1.0 SDK. There are demos marked as Mobile-compatible, the NetBeans for JavaFX includes mobile samples, there are blogs commenting about the mobile stuff (which is btw pretty hot)...

    Aside from that blindness, nice and fair coverage. ;-)

  4. Andrew Ducker
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    Still not a Flash competitor

    Using Firefox here - and apps don't launch inside the web page. That PacMan example required me to click on a link, wait for a java web start file to download, wait for that to launch and download more code, and then I ended up with a separate window to play PacMan in.

    Hardly seamless...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just Swing?

    "There are also enough gaps in the product and blind spots in Sun's approach that make me seriously concerned that Sun is doomed to repeat the same mistakes it made early on with Swing."

    Are you not forgetting EJB 1.0?

    Sun has always stumbled on their first effort. So too did Windows ;-)

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