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If you’re left confused by the extraordinary popularity of netbooks, but still want a decent laptop without spending a fortune, Samsung’s Q310 has you squarely in its sights. At under £700, it’s fast, packed with features and the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen – at least that’s what Samsung would have you believe. Samsung …


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  1. gabor

    Samsung laptops

    By all means and purposes, Samsung should be able to make amazingly cool laptops. I seriously wonder when they find "it", the design/functionality/material combo that lives up to the expectations. I haven't seen a single desirable portable from them, but I hope it's just the question of time. It would be good to have some competition to the Vaio. Their TVs are feature-packed, top notch things. Come on, guys a bit more effort here, please.

  2. Robin
    Thumb Down


    that is one ugly lump of plastic

  3. Jacqui

    DVD bricks^Wdrives

    After that fiasco I do not see why anyone would wish to take a risk buying samsung "windows only" technology.

    Also having just goine through hell with Samsung drives killing a 500UKP raid controller and almost ruining a business, I give anything with "samsung" on the cover a "fail".


  4. Robert E A Harvey


    I'd be quite interested one of these if it did not come with windows.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dell XPS 1330

    Why no comparison with Dell XPS 1330 ? That is in the same price bracket, yet is faster, lighter, and more stylish.

  6. James Dunne


    I've had this notebook for 2 months now. It excels beyond my dad's Vaio sz (bought one month previous) on boot time, game fps and program speed enormously.

    Some corrections:

    The plastic is certainly not 'cheap'. Perhaps with the influx of shiny plastics in recent months in new laptops, it could be considered on the lower end of the scale, but even then it is of considerable quality at this price point.

    The port layout i've found is quite efficient. Considering the size of flash drives nowadays, the card reader on the front and the length of optical mouse cables, it makes sense to have just one usb on the side with additional ports on the back. Who uses a tv tuner with a 13.3" screen anyway?

    This article reads like Jeremy Clarkson when he's scrutinizing a car. 'Nothing is right about this laptop, everything is lacking. But despite our "grumbles" its "great value" '. These grumbles seem to include a lack of built in "HSDPA 3G" (which is laughable at this price range), and the distinct lack of the only real criticism you can level at this laptop, one that you would find almost immediately if you'd actually got an example of the notebook for review (which I sincerely doubt at this point), fingerprints. The super shiny polish on the plastic makes them more visible after a day's work than the super super shiny Samsung logo on the front.

    While I agree with the slight lack of viewing angles (which for anyone who wants to work privately will agree isn't necessarily a bad thing), the subsequent statement is a complete stereotype, which certainly isn't based on this laptop, having used it on the deck of a boat in the bright sunshine of the Solent when I first bought it: "as with all glossy displays, it’s a magnet for reflections". Bollocks.

    "Unlike the three-antenna Wi-Fi Link 5300, this card only has two antennae". Oh dear. I've had no issues with the wifi whatosever, running off of my girlfriend's ancient 802.11b router from 30 metre's distance, running off my 802.11n router from my garden (the router is located some 40 metres away, inside a study which is separated from the garden by 2 brick walls and another room), or at uni, where the 802.11g wireless no better on my friend's £1100 Vaio, with the Intel 5300, than on my merely 2 antennae equipped 5100, at all distances).

    The gaming laptop. At 700 pounds, what do you expect? I certainly didn't buy this laptop on the grounds that I could run high-end games. It will happily run Counter-Strike Source on native res at 50fps. COD4 will also run in native res at 25fps, naturally without any added texture settings and with AA off, but again, what could you expect at this price point with the new cpu?

    Given the price point I would say this is a brilliant laptop, one that is quite portable (I walk to and from university with it (2 miles each way), 4 days a week, and carry it in addition to a suitcase with me on the train every month or so home). Graphics are to an extent limited, but I didn't buy it with a view to play tf2 let alone COD4. Next el reg will be criticising the Eee 701 because it won't play Crysis.

    This article does make me wonder if el reg had the laptop at all, not for the lack of finger print grumbles, but for the distinct inaccuracies and the contradicting verdict.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    RE: Incorrect?

    You have a laptop at university? Back in my day we had bread and water and quills and parchment! Grrr.. get orf my lawn...

    PS. Your dad should've waited! The shiny new Z and SR series came out to replace that model a week or two afterwards! They'd compare more favourably to your machine being from the same era, but they do cost an arm and a leg... Sony must use the same tax calculator as Apple!

  8. Iain

    Batter Life

    Not sure if this graph always has this title in your reviews, but my initial thought on seeing it was that it was going to display the results of a ruggedness test. How dissappointed I was.

    Flames because you also ommitted to test its flammability and potential as a blunt instrument.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    RE: Incorrect?

    Quills and parchment ? How easy you had it ! We had to skin our calves ourselves, with bare hands, before we would have had parchment.

    Mine's the handmade one.

  10. W

    re: Dell XPS M1330

    'Tis indeed a cracking machine, keenly priced, and comes thoroughly reccomended. I have come across zero flaws in the past 18 months or so of using mine.

    Using other folks' laptops always shows up the compromises that have been made on only marginally cheaper machines.

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