back to article 007 Warhead screenplay sold for £46K

The 1976 screenplay for Warhead, a planned 007 outing penned by Sir Sean Connery, author Len Deighton and producer Kevin McClory, has sold at auction for £46,850, the BBC reports. The ill-fated project, eventually scuppered by legal issues, would have wowed the crowds with a classic roster of characters including Blofeld, …


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  1. Iain

    Had to be done

    Frickin' robot sharks with frickin' laser beams...

  2. James

    Robot sharks?!

    Possibly with frickin laser beams on their heads?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    What's missing?

    If only the robot sharks had frickin' laser beams on their heads, this would have been a great success. It would also have added the requisite IT angle.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Hey, I've got an idea!

    Somebody should make a comment about laser beams!

  5. Mark Leaver
    Thumb Up

    What about...

    robot sharks with lasers on their heads sinking all the ships in New York harbour before blowing up New York with a nuke thats detonated with the lasers on their heads...

  6. Paul

    robot sharks

    Regardless of laser beams or not it still sounds as if the script makes more sense than the plot (and I use the term loosely) of Quantum of Solace

  7. yeah, right.

    Something different?

    Nuclear powered robot sharks with refrigerator sized beam weapons? Built by a secret lab owned by the Big3 car makers. So the paint peels and they leak, with the resulting malfunction threatening to destroy some place people care about. So not New York. Slough maybe. Meanwhile, Bond has a drink, shags the gal, and goes home early after realizing he's nothing more than a civil servant anyway.

    Nobody misses Slough.

  8. This post has been deleted by its author

  9. wsm

    Nuclear robotic shark attacks

    Just the sort of thing that's been worrying me lately. Isn't this what happened in Mumbai, minus the robotics and the sharks, but nearly the same?

  10. Alien8n


    That the first comments on here all have the same idea, lol

  11. Rick Brasche

    compared to the Remake Hollywood Mill...

    this sounds a lot more original than the remakes and constant leftist propaganda shite coming out of Hollywood the last five years.

  12. Curtis

    speaking of remakes....

    the comments section is starting to look like constant remakes of a single horrible idea... about like Timothy Dalton as Bond

    What's this about Cuba Gooding Jr as the "new" Bond?

  13. H

    Role reversal

    Connery himself would make an alarmingly excellent villain for a future Bond outing.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Justine Lovesit?

    I guess the naming schemes are consistent at least.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @"Rick Brasche"

    Leftist propaganda out of Hollywood? What have you been smoking, and could I have some, please?

  16. Brennan Young
    IT Angle

    The film that was made twice already

    OK most Bond nerds know this already, but "Warhead" is an adaptation of "Thunderball", the only screenplay that Ian Fleming himself had a hand in (the book was published afterwards).

    The film rights to Thunderball were sold (i.e. 'escaped' from the clutches of EON productions who made/make most of the Bond films) along with the film rights to the Blofeld character, at the end of the '60s which is why Blofeld does not appear in any EON films after "Diamonds are Forever".

    'Never Say Never Again' was the first rehash of the Thunderball story, using the Thunderball film rights. (Both stories feature Blofeld stealing nukes and using them to terrorise the free world), and was not an EON production either. Warhead will certainly feature Blofeld stealing nukes and using them to terrorise the free world.

    'The character previously known as Blofeld' appears at the beginning of the EON film "For Your Eyes Only", ending up falling down a factory chimney, but he is never named, neither does the name "Blofeld" appear in the credits. Sneaky trick, but you only risk it once.

    Shame EON didn't buy the Warhead screenplay, then we could have Blofeld (played by Samuel L. Jackson? or Ben Kingsley?) back in all his glory, with white persian pussy, up against Daniel Craig, without the rigmarole of Blofeld stealing nukes and using them to terrorise the free world.

    That's something I'd like to see.

  17. Mike

    Never say never again.....

    If it's anything like Connerys acting in Never Say Never Again then let's hope it says "escaped".

  18. Anonymous Coward

    Quantum of a plot

    This Warhead milarkey seems to me to make a lot more sense than QoS.

    Which is after all a short story - and not about Bond either.

    IIRC it's about a couple who are splitting up. If features no nukes, no terrorists, no huge fireballs, no Walther PK-47, no Q, no M, no Bond and no Moneypenny.

    No Moneypenny? Hmmm. It's certainly made a LOT of money tho!

    Mine's the one with a plot in the pocket.

  19. Trevor Pott Gold badge

    @"Rick Brasche"

    I don't think you understand the "rightist" neo-con mentality. If it doesn't blame [insert non-white culture here], liberals, socialists, communists, (yes, ladies and gentlement, there' sa difference between those last two,) terrists, homeless people, unions, and charities for all the ills of the world, then it's a commie pinko leftist libral bleeding heart.

    Get yer guns!

    Mine's the one with the change for the street people in the pockets, and the volunteer pass to help out at the old folks' home on my way from my state funded school to my state-funded hospital.

    \o/ Canada.


  20. Matt Sprigg

    @Curtis - a bit late but had to be done

    SHOW ME THE MONEY (penny)

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