back to article Brits not turned on by mobile internet

Less than one quarter of people with web-capable handsets actually make use of mobile internet services, it has been claimed. A survey, carried out on behalf of website Moneysupermarket, found that cost and functionality are the main barriers to usage. Around 70 per cent of the 2179 people questioned admitted they have no idea …


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  1. Tony Hoyle


    7.3m people use their mobile phones for browsing.

    25% of people use their mobile phones for browsing.

    I'm not seeing the contrast here... it seems to me that there are simply 29.2m web capable phones out there.

  2. Chris

    I am

    making this comment with my phone! It is nice to get my el reg fix whilst on the bus:-)

    Have to agree though that speeds are not great despite having 3.5G

  3. Ryan

    3G *is* too slow for surfing.

    Unless you're just doing email, HSDPA all the way!

  4. Tom Simnett

    Who would though...

    The mobile web has been available on most handsets for years now. It's still rubbish on them. 3/4 of people don't have nice fancy phones with big screens that make browsing the web make sense. That'll probably be why... along with the fact that latency over the mobile networks is painful!

  5. Ricky H

    cost & freetards

    Until it's free, freetards like myself will begrudge paying for web access on mobiles, especially at UK rates. Few more years yet of milking Jo public left before the networks give in and offer it as inclusive part of the contract.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Oy yeah?

    Now, about this bandwidth problem?

  7. pctechxp

    Mobile somethingband

    To get the claimed speeds you'd need to be the only person on the cell.

  8. Anonymous Coward


    On my side of the pond, I only bother with phone-y internet when it comes via wi-fi, which oddly offers better coverage than the 3"P"G+ providers. I'd only consider using "cell-web" if it had the speed and were priced like the commodity it is. Then again, it has only been a few months since the networks started paying lip service to unlocked kit. I pity them really, they try so hard to hold on to failed and dead business models. Heck, they're still coming to grips with touch tone. Reminds me of our "Big 3" automakers really.

    If you'll excuse me, I have to go now and cry someone a river.

  9. Chris Matchett

    Fair use

    500Mb per month is not fair use. Refreshing BBC News website and a few others sure. Online radio? Gone in 498 minutes. However online radio is a killer app.

  10. Marco


    well , paid the extra £5 for it on 3 and I'm quite happy with the connection speeds. If coverage were a bit better it would be fantastic - good coverage now .

    surfing HSDPA on a SE w910i :). I may upgrade to a different unlocked handset at some point.

  11. Dom

    Why bother

    with surfing on a slow, expensive system that severely restricts the available web pages? (Well it does on V*dafone anyway)

    I had so many problems getting webmail on my provider's network, that I just gave up. Added to the expense, that's going to get MORE expensive when the EU force mobile operators to lower charges on roaming, it's only justifiable when someone else (your emloyer/company) pays for it.

    I can't do this, I can't do that, it's slower than a 56k modem and it's costing a fortune - what's the point?

  12. Andy Enderby


    still no prospect of recovering the investment in those 3g licenses eh ? It's prohibitively expensive now and always has been. You'd think the (lack of a ) huge rush for such products would tell the vendors something, but hey, who the hell am I ?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I love mobile internet...

    ...But I rarely do it over the mobile network route, the cost is too much of an unknown, plus I resent their knobbling of my N95 to disable VOIP using the wifi connection.

    So I did what any self respecting techie would do, un-knobbled the phone, and now enjoy skype conversations via WiFi.

    It's fantastic when away from home for keeping up with emails, sending holiday snaps, and generally getting my net fix, but all via open wifi points. If I am ever lacking wireless and need to use the internet the "no images" option of opera stops my wallet from shaking too badly. Oddly enough I manage to control such urges when roamed abroad!

  14. Andy Hards
    Thumb Up

    I've been using it

    For at least 2 and a bit years. The house I live in is grade 1 listed I'm not allowed a tv aerial let alone a fat pipe. So without my mobe and my dongle I'd be without the interwebs. I pay a fiver for the phone and £12.50 for the dongle. Yeah it ain't the fastest but it's all done through air waves and shit rather than wiv wires so it'll do me. Makes taking the kids to school quieter as I can stick a cartoon or film on from youtube or sommat.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Works a treat

    I've been using my TyTNII as my *only* web access for the last 12 months now. Maybe once a week I'll use my laptop (which is now effectively my wife's) for checking a couple of sites which are too JS-intensive or just not PDA-friendly. But I have my email on my phone, use Google Reader to aggregate my news feeds, and catch up on other news sites such BBC, CNN, etc. I also use Google maps and Telmap for satnav, and even RDP from my phone back to my home server to kick off downloads, etc.

    Voda used to be a PITA (their content filtering was constantly failing and blocking sites) but it seems stable now, and other than for video/audio, their £7.50/month 'unlimited' data package has proven more than enough. Plus I get a big fat H for 95% of the time, so speed is superb.

    Couldn't live without it now.

  16. David Paul Morgan

    Silver Surfer 'done us wrong'

    I remember the dreadful silver Surfer ads which spoiled a lot of peoples expectations back in 2001. If they'd sold it as 'teletext on your phone' then we may not have been quite so disappointed. I read about the 11th September attacks on my Panasonic gd-93 when on holiday in Greece, waiting for the ferry in Kefalonika.

    My Sony-Ericsson W880 serves me well as a 3G 'modem' on my laptop when out-and-about as does my htc-wizard/O2 XDA. I do pay the 7GBP O2 inclusive tariff and seem to be on facebook mobile daily - ho hum ;^)

  17. Chris Donald

    Too slow, too pricey

    For me, Britain is too far behind on this. It's not quick enough, or useful enough with the price that it's at right now. My own perception is it's simply too slow, too expensive. A comparable flat price and near broadband speeds would tempt me for sure.

  18. Bill
    Paris Hilton

    I use it occasionally, but not that much due to prices...

    and until those fall inline with home broadband prices, I don't see mobile Internet usage really taking off in a big way. Besides, the average cell phone's screen size of 2.2" just makes it too damned uncomfortable for all but the occasional browse. One needs at least a 3" screen before it's comfortable really.

    Paris, because she's as about as mobile as it gets.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    PLUG: I'm tracking data tariffs

    Hi all,

    I've started to track mobile data tariffs at

    It's a hobby project I started a few months ago. I'd appreciate any of your views.


    (posted from my iPhone on the train)

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