back to article Armed anti-paedophile cops swoop on video site uploader

A video sharing website user who posted a clip of a man apparently swinging a baby around has had his house raided by an armed Australian police anti-paedophile squad. The user "Biggles9" has been charged with "accessing child abuse material, downloading child abuse material and uploading child abuse material with the intent …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Sanity will prevail my arse. He's f----d say hello to a muiltitude of exciting government lists and life long persecution at the hands of the filth.

    Is everyone that watches you've been framed gonna get raided now?

  2. Gary Owen
    Thumb Down

    Bad maths

    Australian + Police + Russian Circus Family = "sanity will prevail" ???

    Got to say mate - that just doesn't add up. Enjoy the cooler.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Back to the 90's

    Seriously, what the hell is going on in Oz with t'Internet, and censorship in general?

    They appear to have lost their frigging minds, and sense.

  4. alan

    Wonderful Firewall Of Oz

    We need the wonderful firewall of oz now, to stop these crazy peados doing this shit.

    Please wont somebody please think of the children.....

    like Ac said, i wouldnt hold my breath waiting for sanity

  5. Jamie Kitson


    > He added he is confident "sanity will prevail".

    I'm not.

  6. Rafael
    Black Helicopters

    "sanity will prevail"

    "famous last words"

  7. Eduard Coli
    Black Helicopters


    This is an example of what happens when the bronze stop doing police work and start using a threshold to tell them when to start kicking in doors.

  8. Saffy Graham

    Darn Russian Circus Families!

    It's all Russia's fault.

  9. HFoster
    Thumb Down


    Let me get this straight:

    man re-posts clip of a father apparently swinging his baby around

    moral majority gets up in arms

    police get petitioned by moral majority

    police harass website

    armed police raid otherwise law-abiding citizen's home

    Unless some hidden unsavouriness about Biggles9 is unearthed, I think the police themselves, both in the UK and Australia, may find themselves in the dock.

    Utterly shambolic, no matter what your opinion on reposts.

  10. John Imrie

    Who needs cec

    I'm just trying to warn all the uploaders and moderators to be very careful of what is posted and approved when it comes to children; no one needs to go through this crap over something that is so petty.

  11. Graham Marsden
    Thumb Down

    Sanity will prevail...

    ... right after Wacky Jacqui and friends introduce a new law making it illegal to possess or distribute videos of "criminal behaviour" because that sort of thing obviously makes people want to emulate it (unless, of course, you're a TV station broadcasting Crime Watch or America's Dumbest Criminals etc, because that shows the bad guys getting nicked and that's ok..)

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Long departed from these shores I think.

  13. Dick Emery
    Thumb Down

    Gotta say it

    But think of the children!

  14. RaelianWingnut

    Law = Ass = FAIL

    Uh, overreact much?

  15. yeah, right.


    There is no sanity in government bureaucracies. They've gone public with it, therefore they WILL find something to hang the guy with. Bureaucracy was, after all, invented by the Chinese, to whom "losing face" is the worst sort of shame. All bureaucrats since then hate to lose face, and will lie, cheat, steal and kill in order to avoid doing so.

    The guy is fucked, no matter what the facts of the case.

  16. Mick Sheppard


    Sanity won't prevail. There is no sanity in the government hive mind when it comes to the internet and children.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yay, Australia!

    ...the gift (to the Reg) that keeps on giving. Singapore is pretty close to Australia, right? Maybe Aussies who are looking for a bit more in the way of civil liberties should consider picking up stakes.,,

  18. Anonymous Coward

    Child Abuse Material

    I always thought "child abuse material" was just newspeak for child porn. I didn't know people took it literally. I'll give 'em points for consistency, but I serious doubts that going (further) down that road is wise. Does this really prevent child abuse or is it just hide it?

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    I LOL'd so hard I nearly punched my son in the face!

  20. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Wasn't there that this addy...

    ...where granny kicks baby from the railroad tracks with a foot swing which would burst the ribcage of a grown man?

    I hope it's on YouTube not.

    Paris, because "WTF?"

  21. Gene Cash Silver badge

    Fuck you Australia

    My uncle used to do that to me, and I loved it so much I remember it 40 years later. It's probably why I love airplanes and flying, too. It was most definitely not abuse. I hope he has a sharp lawyer that can shoot this crap down.

  22. Jon H

    The Reg guilty?

    Has The Reg just commited the same "crime" by hosting a still of the video, making it viewable by all?

  23. Hollerith

    the urge to tell the world

    This urge to post online is just dumb, dumb, dumb.

  24. Anonymous Coward

    @Gene Cash

    You're obviously in denial. You may say "loved it when your uncle did that to you", but that just shows how deeply traumatized you were by... wait a sec, what are we talking about here?

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Bill Henson 'child porn'

    I think the Aussie coppers totally lost the plot some time ago.

    For anyone who witnessed the noise made over artist 'Bill Henson's images of a child, I'm still waiting for 'Funniest Home Videos' to be renamed 'Funniest Kiddy Porn'. Seems every week there's some naked 1 year old doing something completely injurious while naked on screen, yet the major network here in Australia still gets away with it week after week after week without the folks in blue taking away that god awful tart who hosts it from our screens (or for that matter, the advertisers who pay for this crap to be served up to us weekly, but I'd rather see them done for crimes against humanity for the overall tone of the show.. but I digress)

    The entire situation beats the fuck outta me.

    Paris: 'coz she's younger than me there fore a child and she's done porn.

  26. James
    Thumb Up


    But thanks to AC who LOL'd so hard he nearly punched his son in the face.

    I haven't stopped laughing!

  27. Anonymous Coward


    Soon it will be child abuse for giving birth, in today's day and age, if it isn't already! Good lord, with the things that happen to kids when "real" abuse happens, wasting resources on this kind of case is only taking it away form children that really need the help. Who the fuck is helping the children anyway??? By the time most are helped it had gone on so long there were CNN and BBC documentaries exposing it before those who are paid to help do anything at all!! OR, they find out completely accidentally. I know pedophiles are sick, but the children are the victims, and catching all the pedophiles, which is probably impossible, is not going to stop the abuse of the children since most of the pedophiles they catch aren't actually the ones abusing the children, but it makes their numbers look good and justifies their budget.

    I know it's not socially equal example, but arresting all the people who collect fake abuse porn (extreme porn?) is not going to stop actual abuse, and does not even come close to helping the abuse victims.

    Just goes to show that the people who are in charge care more about their income and budget than actually doing their damn jobs and helping those that are being victimized.

  28. John

    Seriously WTF!?!?

    Absolutely ridiculous, I can only assume that the authorities involved have completely lost the plot!

    Was the child injured in any way physically or mentally? No.

    Did the child seem scared, distressed or even remotely bothered? No.

    Was the video even genuine? F$&% knows!

    Quite frankly I've seen far worse on TV programs clearly put across in a way intended to be comical, so why this guy should be singled out like this is just mind-bogglingly ludicrous!

  29. Nathan Dennis
    Thumb Down

    This makes Wacky Jacky look like an amateur

    Considering the plod have made much of the convictions they get from people uploading speeding and stunt videos on Youtube I can see legions of our thought police scanning the sites looking for videos.

    Beware all of you who posted the video of the large south african MP collapsing a chair, you'll be done for racism. fatism and probably conspiracy to commit criminal damage. Good job he wasnt a kid really.

  30. Drew
    Thumb Down

    Good Luck

    ---so why this guy should be singled out like this is just mind-bogglingly ludicrous---

    No, it's QUEENSLAND. The worst state for making the most frivolous of cases actually STICK!

    Believe me, the guy is lucky he is not remanded in custody, as this is the best incentive to plead guilty... (they lock you up for 12+ months then offer to let you out if you plead guilty).

    Don't laugh it could happen to anyone.

    This guy has a huge battle ahead of him.

    Thumbs down to police... Why can they never catch REAL crims?

  31. Charley

    So this would be illegal too?

    An advert run by the wowsers on New Zealand telly:

    Not for the easily shocked, but broadcast on public television.

  32. Kenny Swan


    Their elite force is called task force Argos? There's your problem. You expect a f**k up from anything called Argos.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Sanity will prevail

    Not in Queensland it won't - never has, never will. Mainly because it's entirely absent. Nice people though, if a little backward. It really is the heartland of weird Australia - hicks, bible thumpers, delusionals - we got 'em all folks.

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    "sanity will prevail" - lol

    The Australian police have the zeal of the Americans for "upholding the Law" combined with the lack of formal controls of the UK.

    (American) Raymond Stevens has a song about a highway patrolman who gives a ticket for being 2.5mph over the speed limit. The Australians will book you for being 3*KPH* over, regardless of the speed limit in force. Yes, that's about the same speed as your toddler travels on foot or half adult walking-speed.

    I gave my girls a swing around by their arms today *in public*! I hope no-one had a camera... Lewd conduct in a public place...

    RIP Sanity

  35. Bob Ginger

    Worst thing in article...

    "...Biggles9 did not ask for a lawyer to be present because he did not believe there was any case to answer..."

    Stupid, stupid stupid...

    As soon as the state has leaped into action with both size 11's at the same time, they will damn well make sure there's some kind of case to answer.

    Witness the case of the supply teacher in the US, Julie Amero, who was charged with child endangerment when an unsecured win 98 pc in her classroom started blatting up porn pop-ups.

    She eventually pled guilty to disorderly conduct and avoided any jail time, but her teaching license has been revoked and the state got the scalp it was after.

    Because she took a plea bargain, she has waived the right to appeal and cannot make a civil claim regarding any of the state's conduct or actions.

    Every single time you are questioned by the police, you need your new best friend, a lawyer, sitting right beside you. It might not do any good, but it sure as hell can't do any harm.

  36. Anonymous Coward

    Raising Arizona

    I seem to remember a scene in Raising Arizona where the baby is left in the middle of the road after a bank robbery and then picked up on the fly ... surely that would qualify?

    Anon (since I own a copy of Raising Arizona)...

  37. Pete "oranges" B.

    So, does this indicate...

    ... that somewhere in the UK there is a "Stupid and Disorganised Crime Agency?"

  38. Mark S Brothers


    Everybody knows there aint no sanity clause....

  39. RRRoamer

    Stupidity at it's best...

    I am VERY sorry to see this happening to this guy for, well, nothing...

    On the other hand, I am VERY happy that it is not JUST the USA that has completely lost it's collective freaking mind with stuff like this!

  40. Patrick R

    It's been there for YEARS !

    I'm pretty sure I've seen this video more than 6 years ago. The baby's way of smiling was so weird that I think the whole video was a fake and that's the only way it would have been remotely funny.

  41. Richard Jukes

    Woolly Mitten Brigade

    Sounds like the good old Woolly Mitten Brigade are out in force again. 'YOU CANT DO THAT, ITS NOT RIGHT!'

  42. elderlybloke

    Aussi Police

    carry guns all the time . Just normal for them to have them when paying a visit the house . Nothing unusual there.

    You poms know nothing!

  43. Neoc

    Re: "Sanity Will Prevail" by AC

    "(American) Raymond Stevens has a song about a highway patrolman who gives a ticket for being 2.5mph over the speed limit. The Australians will book you for being 3*KPH* over, regardless of the speed limit in force"

    <sigh> Oh, where do I start on this FUD?

    2.5mph is 4kph. Not much of a difference between your examples, but you make it sound as if being stopped for 3kph is much worse than 4kph (that's a difference of 0.6mph for our non-metric friends).

    I worked (past tense) quite a few years for the QLD police in Oz and got to talking to quite a few of the officers during those years. Most of the time, the cops can't be bothered pulling you over unless you do 11kph over the limit (that's 6.9mph) *unless* you do it in a "safety" zone (schools, hospitals, etc...) Why? Because the fines for anything under that just isn't worth the time (mostly).

    So before you rant and rave, make sure you've got your facts straight. Most of the coppers are OK guys (there's always some ratbags in any crowd)... on the other hand, the political appointees who actually run the departments sometime have me scratching my head at their decisions.

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    That's a great way to keep society good and honest and moral, and specifically to combat crime.... Scare the public into HIDING EVERYTHING from you. By making them covering their tracks. These things will get uploaded again, but eventually the police won't be able to find who did it, or it will take a LOT of time and money.

    Then what? Who are they going to make an example of then? Who are they going to pick to try and make society fear them and fear ever doing anything remotely questionable??

    So the guy who uploaded the video gets in trouble. What about those faces of death videos which were actually released on DVD? If people want to see this kind of stuff, morbid curiosity, who cares. As long as it's not broadcast on tv at 8 o'clock or shoved under my nose I really don't see the problem. We've all been playing the same video games and had access to the same 'extreme porn' yet how many of us turn into killers over it? How many people who saw that video rushed to their nearest baby and started swinging it around? I'm sorry but adults just don't do that. Most adults would be horrified at such videos, and I would like to ask how they know that these 'extreme' videos online aren't fake ? Well apparently it doesn't matter because if it is fake it is just as bad, as you're IMPLYING the same thing !!

    Do they think that by banning and hiding all this stuff they can pretend it isn't happening?

    So there is no more child porn online? None, zero, never, ever. Well I pray that day arrives swiftly because according to the government when that day comes there will be no more pedophiles in the world. Mainly because the internet is turning normal, reluctant people into pedophiles at an alarming rate.

    I have a suggestion for the government...if photos and tv is so powerful and inspiring then why don't they put the evil adult criminals in a room with nice fluffy media with strong moral messages and within a few days s/he should turn right around and take on a new saintly personality- due to the extreme influence tv apparently has over people.

    The police etc should stop sitting at their desks all day browsing youtube. Their job is to go out and find and solve actual REAL crimes. Surely it is 10 x easier to solve things in real life rather than trying to solve a crime you thought you saw online, since the first thing you need to do with "online crime" is figure out whether it's even real or not.

    The government are already getting their way. The guy warned other people not to do it. Their plan worked.

  45. TeeCee Gold badge


    It always strikes me as odd that, while there are many reasons for denying someone a permit to carry a lethal weapon, "You're too bloody stupid to be allowed out with one of these" doesn't seem to occur on anyone's list.

  46. Loki
    Thumb Down


    I'm just waiting for the day the police break down my door for distributing pics of kiddie porn.... well, what i have done is taken pictures and videos of my kids, get this, *naked*, and sent to their grandma.

    Guess that means i should be locked up for life!

    And my kids also love being thrown around. Their favorite is i lay on my back and they push themselves against my feet, and then i raise my feet and they go in the air. I then sometimes make them fly by kicking upwards. Kids love it... wife has a heart attack every time i do it.

    Looks like the guy in the video was being a bit rough with the kid (presuming it wasnt a fake) but if the kid enjoys it and isnt hurt not a problem i think. Remember Whacko Jacko hanging his kid over that balcony... much more dangerous, and nobody knocked his door down over it.

    And this guy who was arrested wasnt even the guy who made the video!!!

    Boo to the police on this one.

  47. The Fuzzy Wotnot
    Thumb Up

    I have no idea...

    I have no idea what's going on but as an avid Daily Mail reader I am shocked and appalled at whatever is going on and anyone who did whatever it was that went on should be lashed to within and inch of their lives.

    Bring back the cat for anyone using the internet for any reason!

  48. Anonymous Coward

    In communist Russia...

    ... baby swings YOU!

  49. ShaggyDoggy

    What exact

    What exact child abuse was done here ?

    (I didn't realise that swinging them around was now "abuse")

  50. Anonymous Coward

    how the fuck...

    ...can that be concidered a pedofile act? - last i checked pedofilia was a sexual interest in children not swinging a baby around...

  51. John Dougald McCallum

    title what title

    [ worked (past tense) quite a few years for the QLD police in Oz and got to talking to quite a few of the officers during those years. Most of the time, the cops can't be bothered pulling you over unless you do 11kph over the limit (that's 6.9mph) *unless* you do it in a "safety" zone (schools, hospitals, etc...) Why? Because the fines for anything under that just isn't worth the time (mostly).]

    This is almost the same as in the UK any thing around 33/35 mph,75/80mph and MOST cops dont want to know UNLESS you are being a total prat .

  52. Davy
    Thumb Down


    WTF is going on Down Under? First Cartoon-Porn, now this !

    That's actually a rhetorical question.

    1. In the UK all the increase in employment over the last 20 years has been in the Public Sector.

    2. All these new bureaucrats are actually unnecessary and need something to do (see Scottish "Government").

    3. Make more things regulated/licensed/illegal to give them something to do.

    Hitler understood that bureaucrats were traitors-in-waiting and all you had to do was takeover the top of the hierarchy and things would run as normal. Look at any nazi-occupied country in the 2nd WW. He didn't like cartoons either.

  53. Jim

    This is insane.

    This has to stop. Lawmakers secure positions of power, police get recognition and promotions, news agency's make money, but in the process they destroy someones life just from the accusation. And once your accused for this type of crime your considered guilty in any country.

    Another thing, when was the last time any pedophile fought back with deadly force? Is an entire armed task force necessary to arrest a pedophile? You may need a task-force of computer experts but not armed personnel. It only purpose is to harm someones reputation weather they are guilty or not. And in the US even non guilty people are purposly stressed to the point that they can no longer function in daily life.

    I think its time we sue politions and police, they have endangerd children more than helped them with these kind of activitys. They are more concerned about making themselves popular than protecting children which is just as wrong and immoral.

  54. CTG


    Yeah, that ad makes me sick - I have to change channel whenever it comes on. I'd like to charge the government with promoting child abuse for producing that ad.

  55. Wayland Sothcott

    @RRRoamer not just USA

    and UK but OZ as well. How can you find this heartening?

    I know an old chap who is useless on the Internet yet he can see the UK turning into a police state. He says I should watch myself. He says if he were my age he would moce to the USA or OZ. I tried to explain that it was happening there too, possibly worse.

    We are witnessing the gradual distruction of our free society, a little bit at a time. No one likes paedos (except possibly other paedos) but this is not a case of child abuse. It's abuse of bad laws to persecute ordinary people.

    TUX because at least we still have some freedoms.

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