back to article Facebook phone goes on sale

Social networking fanatics can now get their online fix when they're out and about, because 3 today began selling the INQ1 Facebook phone. INQ1_open 3's INQ1: for Facebook Although the INQ1 was announced quite a while back, 3 – the phone’s exclusive UK carrier – has kept mum until now about exactly when punters will be …


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  1. rob
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    Sab B******s unite

    why oh why, surely you can use facebook on normal phones, if you so wished

  2. Arnold Lieberman
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    "Up to 3.6Mbps". And now in the real world my mobile "broadband" dongle gets 400kbps download and a whopping 25kbps upload on average. Only saving grace is I got 5Gb/month for £7.50 via Quidco instead of £15/month and it works in an unlocked 3G phone as well as in the dongle.

  3. pctechxp

    Still hunting that killer app

    I see 3 have spawned another device in a desparate attempt to get someone to put their network to use, so first it was Skype and now facebook as I reckon that a lot of people return their dongles when they realise that the service is crap and that the mobile operators are lieing to them as in order to get the top speed you have to be the ONLY person on that particular cell, so its ADSL without wires, so its mobile somethingband then.

    GSM still had plenty of life in it

    @rob, agree with you totally mate

  4. Graeme

    When will the reg be doing a full review?

    Indeed you can faceook on any phone, but the point of this is its running on the phone software and can bring all your contact over different mediums into the one inbox

    and at 15 quid a month its competetivley priced

    its getting good reviews elsewhere i'd love to know what El Reg thinks, as i might get one of these

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