back to article Atlantis Hubble mission set for 12 May

NASA has announced that the space shuttle Atlantis's STS-125 mission to the Hubble Space Telescope will finally blast off on 12 May next year. This final servicing jaunt to the venerable eye in the sky was delayed by the failure back in September of Hubble's operational data handling unit. NASA booted up a redundant back-up, …


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  1. Dick Emery


    More out of curiosity than anything. Who picks up the tab for the Japanese Kibo lab maintenance? I assume Japan?

  2. Danny Roberts

    Two Shuttle launches in 3 days! Count me in!

    It's our anniversary on the 13th May, now to persuade SWMBO that we're going to Florida on holiday!

  3. Anonymous John

    Full launch manifest

    It shows the launch of the next flight to the ISS three days later. Not possible, especially as only one pad can be used for launch. And even if it was, it would mean no rescue flight for the Hubble mission.

  4. Darryl

    Dumb question

    Where'd STS-120 through STS-124 go?

  5. David Hicklin Bronze badge

    Re: Full launch manifest

    Did they not have two shuttles out at once for the last aborted mission?

    They only need the "rescue" for the event that take off damage means that they cannot re-enter safely...they should know that within 3 days

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