back to article US space outfit promises The Right Stuff experience

Brave souls looking for "The Right Stuff experience" can now buy tickets for a sub-orbital jaunt aboard the XCOR Lynx for a modest $95,000. The Lynx suborbital vehicle. Pic: XCOR XCOR has inked a deal with Arizona-based RocketShip Tours, which will handle Lynx bookings and has already taken a $20k deposit from its first …


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  1. Lionel Baden
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    Tour Operators

    Would love to see a package that allowed you to go up and see some of the first sattelites to be put in space

    Pity Sputnik came home.

    Love the fact that americans still Rekon they won the space race lol

  2. Anonymous John

    "carrying the vehicle to roughly 61km "

    The usual definition of space is that it starts at 100kn (the altitude needed to win the Ansari X Prize).

    This is a high altitude aeroplane, not a sub-orbital spacecraft. SpaceShipTwo, will reach 62miles.

  3. Mark
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    Is it just me

    Or is the edge of space getting lower and lower. 100 mi was space, then 100km(60mi) now its 60km!?! How long until I can hold my breath close my eye and jump and be considered in outer space?

  4. Dave

    Outer Space?

    Can we please all stop calling these things space craft?

    'Weightless' for three minutes kind of gives it away: a vomet comet can manage thirty seconds as it is, and is then able to repeat it again a minute or two later - it doesn't have to land and refuel.

    Sure, the pilot of this thing has to wear a space suit, but so did the U2 pilots.

  5. Daniel B.
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    Geeze, at least SpaceShipTwo will go right over the 100km limit. This rocket-plane will basically be a high-altitude flight, requiring spacesuits because of low pressure; but that's all there is to it.

    When oh when are we going to get real civilian spacecraft for a change???

  6. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    The traditional American definition

    of the edge of space is 50 miles (and has been since the days when the X15 pilots would get their wings for exceeding that altitude). The rest of us can go for 100km, or if we're feeling generous, round the 50 miles to 80km but 61km is really pushing it. Nice view I'm sure but no astronaut wings for you Mr Wimmer.

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