back to article Lego terrorist threatens democracy

Religious leaders have united to express their dismay at a custom range of Lego figures - including a "Toy Taliban" armed to the teeth with C96 broomhandle Mauser pistol, AK Assault Rifle and M67 frag grenades. BrickArms' Toy taliban figure The offending terrorist - made by US firm BrickArms and punted for £9.50 to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Is this for real????!!!!!

  2. RichardB

    a tenner!

    For that surely you can get a perfectly good model B52...

  3. Anonymous Coward

    I hope El Reg will be buying some

    I think you need something to add a certain 'authenticity' to your playmobile airport scenes, and this seems the perfect product.

    ...Gets coat...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I thought Afghans were CIA backed freedom fighters, I'd forgotten they've been re-branded as terrorists. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to publish an up-to-date list so I don't make the mistake again.

    Perhaps the company who makes the model has the same problem.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I think Mohammed Shaffiq needs to get perspective, terrorists are abhorrent, little plastic figures are just fodder for other little placstic figures.

    I mean, what's up with some kid getting his toy army men and blowing the s--t out of his toy terrorists?

    Retards need to stop getting offended and start sorting out their flocks instead.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    That is all.

  7. DZ-Jay

    Now, look what they have done!

    All that bitching has had some effect on them. Why is it that every self-righteous freak gets a saying on every part of someone elses life?

    Just now, they renamed the minifig to a more generic "White Bandit" (of course, it couldn't be any other color of bandit, lest they offend someone else), and changed the image to an "exploded view", showing off all the accessories. They also hid the fully assembled "Taliban" action shot from their list of available merchandise.

    The site seems to be dedicated to collectors, not to kiddies. Their specialty is custom-made weapons for Lego minifigs, pressumably for grownups.


  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Good Model B52

    Depends on whether you want more hypothetical killing efficiency for your money. £10 for a single Taliban will probably be better value for money than a B52?

  9. Anonymous Coward

    @ those objecting to the toy


  10. tony


    These people exist, why shouldn't kids re-enact what these religious scum do.

    They will find out sooner or later anyway.

    Hopefully before they rule the world.

  11. Shaun

    @ RichardB

    "For that surely you can get a perfectly good model B52..."

    Wow I'd pay a tenner for a model Kate Pierson or Cindy Wilson but I could take or leave the Fred Schnieder........

  12. Chris

    Legoland jaundice epidemic

    One of my colleagues just pointed out that it was only a couple of years ago that Lego started to produce the parts to make figures with brown heads and hands. Up until then all Lego people were "yellow skinned" - there must have been an awful lot of jaundice going around in Legoland.

  13. Nix
    Thumb Up


    Kids playing with terrorist toys, next they'll be playing with GI Joe and Action Man toys encouraging them to be renegades.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    ...and another thing

    On the website where that picture came from

    The figure is posted as being a 'White bandit' on their WW2 figures list.

    So it's a WW2 bandit, and nothing to do with Al-Q.

    So I say again to those who object - w@nkers.

  15. Winkypop Silver badge

    I bought one but...

    ...the darn thing blew itself up!

  16. W


    "One man's freedom fighter is another's terrorist" - Bobby Gillespie and other cod-philosophers. There's something in it though

  17. CockKnocker


    Its just a modern day version of cowboys and indians! Good guys vs bad guys, where is the harm in that!

  18. Dave Fisher
    IT Angle

    The only things...

    ...threatening Democracy are idiots like this... and the idiots that listen to them!

    If you look at that toy and see a muslim terrorist and worse, you then identify with that... then that's your own negative self-image speaking and you need to talk to someone.

  19. Mike Taylor


    The site describes it as a "White Bandit"

  20. dervheid

    This no doubt already falls foul...

    of existing 'anti-terror' legislation, on both sides of the puddle.

    Nice conversation piece though. Does it come with 'lego' hostages?

  21. Rob Crawford

    I want one

    and I want it now

  22. Richard
    Thumb Up


    It certainly is for real. They have been put to good use on a number of occasions e.g.

    Also, just to point out "Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind."

  23. Gianni Straniero

    Nazis. I hate these guys.

    If you want some Lego Nazis, you can quite legitimately obtain them here:

    Mine's the one with the bullwhip and Webley Mk VI.

  24. Francis Boyle Silver badge


    El Reg, Ditch those Playmobil figures at once. We have seen the future.

  25. Eddie Edwards
    Thumb Up

    What an awesome little business

    And very canny at PR too ... getting a mention in The Sun, three weeks before Christmas? Genius.

  26. DT

    They better not ban it

    my lego Pirates, lego Darth Maul and lego Hitler need some company, and my lego Palestinians need some way to vent their feelings of oppression.

    Although the passengers at the lego airport are gonna be pissed at any resultant delays.

  27. Menno
    Paris Hilton

    Why only complaining about unfidels?

    Maybe Mohammed Shaffiq should watch Palestinian TV for a while, to see some "absolutely disgusting" "glorifying of terrorism". Somehow these fellows tend to divert their efforts and attention to minor actions by infidels and turn a blind eye to their religious compatriots.

    "Why do you see the speck in your brother's eye but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?"

    Paris, cos she's thin as a splinter, but appreciates a good beam.

  28. Paul Edwards

    The best use of brickarms

    Ahh yes, but without brickarms, we wouldn't have many of these "classics in lego"

  29. Anonymous Coward

    "White Bandit"

    Bit racist isn't it can't other colours be bandits too :)

    OK I'm off......

  30. EdwardP

    Bloody hell...

    When will we as a society decide to grow the fuck up, and realize that this just a bloody lego peice. Thats it, moulded plastic, nothing more.

    This is the same problem as that Tiger advert. Eight sodding people complained. Eight!! Give me a week and I bet you I can round up eight people who think they've been abducted by aliens. My point is, why are we letting eight (probably extremists/nutters) tell the sane majority what they can and cannot see?

    It all boils down to this idea of having a right not to be offended, an idea which is really taking hold of this country. We're actively encouraging censorship people, what the fuck???

    We must fight, not for the right to offend, but for our right to be offended. When we ask that something be censored, we give away our own right to decide.

    Grow the fuck up people...

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Put simply, they're not for kids...

    Somebody needs to look up Brickfilms on Google....

  32. Steen Hive
    Thumb Down


    Where's the harm in it? I'm sure the countless exterminated "Indians", Jews, Russians, Gypsies, Armenians, Tutsis, blitzed Londoners, ad nauseum, think dichotomic worldviews are just fucking dandy.

  33. Anonymous Coward


    "Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind."

    Terry Pratchett's 'Masqerade' FTW ?

  34. Flugal

    Why the outcry?

    Toy soldiers are nothing new. You don't have to agree with their cause to have a toy one.

    And it sounds like it's not real Lego anyway.

    Paris - because her legs can be parted on demand too.

  35. Stratman

    Mock outrage

    So, the great Mohammed Shaffiq has spoken out against a humourous toy.

    How come this is the first time anybody has heard of him? Where were his great speeches condemming Islamic terrorists when they were blowing up people in the middle of London?

    He better start enjoying what's left of his life here on earth, 'cos he sure as hell won't enjoy the next one.

  36. Anonymous Coward

    May not be 'real' lego ...

    ... but it shows a certain amount of creativity, which is to be applauded IMO.

    Of course, there's nothing to stop you getting a 'Holy Trinity' minifig set from The Brick Testament ( - even if you're not of a religious turn of mind, and I'm not, it's well worth a look to see various bible stories portrayed using Lego.

    (also, lest we forget, a Lego reenactment of Eddie Izzard's "Death Star Canteen" sketch can be found on youtube)

  37. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Oh come ON!

    I mean, a broomhandle Mauser!? FFS, it's the twenty-first century, can't they at least have Makarovs? Of course, the Iraqi version would have a Glock (supplied to the Iraqi Police by our gormless EU politicians, up to 70% are thought to have been passed straight on to Shia militias).

    Mohammed Shaffiq is just typical of the attention-seeking lobby groups common on both sides of the pond which go around looking for things to get incensed about to get a little publicity, and - face it - it works, otherwise there is no way you would have heard of him or his outfit. True, he does usually take a stand against extremist Muslim groups (they did condemn the Glasgow airport attacks last year, for example), but he's getting a rep as Rent-A-Quote. Surely he should be too busy condemning the recent Mumbai attacks and "reaching out" to British-based relatives of the Mumbai victims to have time to attack Lego mods?

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    >Just now, they renamed the minifig to a more generic "White Bandit"

    If you look in Google Cache for brickarms "Mr White" you can see that it had that same name on 8th November, long before these religious nutters decided to publically associate this generic character with their own faith.

  39. Adam Foxton

    Retro toys

    These "terrorist" designs are clearly designs from the 1980s, when the Afghans were friendly- even the mainstream Rambo II was dedicated to the "brave fighters of afghanistan" or something similar, and didn't James Bond get them to help him in some film or other?

    And I'm sure that no-one could object to the combination of Lego-RPG launcher and a lego SS person? Or would you prefer that innocent little timmy the paperboy (complete with cute backwards facing cap) was being blown up? You sick people!

  40. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No mention of the taleban here

  41. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not really a Toy...

    Brick arms sells to adult collectors... I would hardly consider them toys.

    Lego do not make these. they have a policy against modern military, although pirates Indiana Jones and Star Wars are all ok...

  42. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    C96 broomhandle Mauser pistol, AK Assault Rifle and M67 frag grenades

    And an RPG-7 strapped to his back

  43. Anonymous Coward

    No big deal... impressionable kids, that would like to pursue the (very short) career path exhibited by the toy figure, would be denied that career path by any self-respecting and serious terror cell. They know that kids make poor suicide bombers. They are too short in stature to serve as an effective base for spreading shrapnel.

    Mine is the one with the onions in the pocket...

  44. Seán

    Any others

    Golliwogs, Klansmen, english soldiers or other monsters?

  45. Sordid Details


    With the grenades strapped to his torso he looks to me like a very convincing suicide bomber. Which works well because the head and arms detach and the torso can be separated from the abdomen for added authenticity. I understand that the severed but otherwise intact head is the easiest way to identify a suicide bomber (after the event).

    Glib comments aside, I am of course horribly outraged, etc....

  46. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You know what?

    Its a crazy old small plastic world and it takes all sorts of small plastic people. Most find a small plastic way to get along, most of the small plastic time. Sometimes - perhaps more than often than we can pass off as chance - some small plastic people have a small plastic problem accepting the small plastic people around them. In their small plastic minds, the small plastic differences become great big small plastic issues and sometimes they go on to become an irrational small plastic hatred. Given the right small plastic conditions, some of these small plastic people can wind up committing the worst kind of small plastic crimes.

    Sure, the small plastic toys may not feel quite right, but it is when our small plastic children play small plastic games, that society passes on the small plastic memories that help us not to make the same small plastic mistakes their small plastic parents made. We shouldn't be hiding the small plastic truth, we should be explaining it. Its the right small plastic thing to do.

  47. g e
    Thumb Up

    And yet more!

    Is that an RPG-7 or similar peeking over the figures left shoulder also?

    Ahhh the things you can learn playing COD4 ;o)

  48. Vladimir Plouzhnikov


    "it's a WW2 bandit"

    AK-47 did not appear before ...1947, so it can't be a WW2 bandit really.

  49. John Imrie

    Am I the only one

    looking at that image and thinking Eccentrica Gallumbits

  50. Lionel Baden

    The only one who can ...

    I dont see why He would even complain

    By the act of complaining against this figurine he is associating Muslims with terrorists !!

    But .02 I love it :D

    And black Lego WTF that should never of been allowed,

    *prays for some idiot in charge to realize 8 ppl offened against 60,776,238 people not offended to realise sending 8 letter to tell people to shut the F up is easier than a full mounter PR campaign to tell the rest of the country and then mount a law suit and then ... actually where does all that money go when they win ?????

  51. Anonymous Coward


    So where was this Shaffiq guy when actual terrorists were killing actual people?

    Muslims seem to have the same policy as the new UK utterly ridiculous and baseless 'extreme porn' law - it's ok to do the act but only a problem when there is a picture of said act.

  52. Mark

    "Glib comments aside"

    Don't you mean "Gib comments aside".

    Yup, I'm Doom'd..!

  53. Mark

    I couldn't stop sniggering

    Unless you're so up your arse you can't see the funny side, the picture, hell, the even IDEA, of that lego suicide bomber is just a huge pisstake.


  54. Daniel Gallacher

    Would it be safe....

    to ship one over from the states on a plane....?

  55. Joe

    @ Adam Foxton

    "even the mainstream Rambo II was dedicated to the "brave fighters of afghanistan" or something similar"

    Rambo III actually....

    Don't worry, I'll grab it on my way out

  56. Steve

    Cue the typical knee-jerk reactions from lefty wannabies

    Excuse me? I looked at the photo of the lego terrorist and thought to myself ‘what is Islamic about that? What has it got to do with terrorism? Is this actually just an armed thief?’ I have even checked the website selling the figurine: it is marketed purely as a headscarfed bandit – called “MR WHITE”. If anyone should be offended it is white people, not Muslims. Muslims can only take personal offence if THEY associate this with Islamic terrorism, to do so would imply a level of guilt on their part.


    I notice all the news articles carrying this story also directly describe this figurine an Islamic terrorist; Muslims fanatics don’t trim their moustache, this figurine doesn’t have one at all so bang goes that assumption (in fact without the headscarf teh face looked distinctly Mexican to me). Could this blatant misrepresentation be simply to sell news? I also notice that the quoted Muslim representatives haven’t actually associated this with Islam in any way (let alone Islamic terrorism); all they have actually said it glorifies terrorism. While their response is obviously a fallacious inference, it thankfully doesn’t cast Muslims/Islam in a bad light. Anyone who wrongly inferred a link between this toy and Islamic terrorism connection could partly blame these leading articles - as well as themselves for not thinking through their response.

  57. Steven Raith


    "Although the passengers at the lego airport are gonna be pissed at any resultant delays."

    Well, as long as it's not the train station.


    Too soon?

    Steven R

  58. This post has been deleted by its author

  59. Anonymous Coward

    Lego werent like this when i was a kid

    For a bizarre laugh you may wanna look at

    This was put together by an actual Reverend, its near enough the full bible portrayed in lego. Some of it is pure genius, the rev obviously has a sense of humour.

    For a bit of light relief check it out.

    Mines the one with the full lego police station complete with police helicopter

  60. Dave

    Startling similarity to Heathrow

    Web page states: "Sorry, item is not available in this country: United Kingdom."

    Thereby PROVING that is IS Heathrow ! ! ! ! !

  61. Anonymous Coward

    Lego terrorist threatens democracy

    how dare they depose our oligarchy the dastards!

  62. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    a title is required... no symbols... :)

    Jaundice... this is one of the main reasons I love this site. I have to be careful and not laugh to loudly at my desk or management might think I'm enjoying my job.

  63. Rob Brady

    "Lego doesn't expect or condone product cusomization"

    Ok, I'm somewhat a Lego geek.

    The only thing thing not made by Lego in that Minifig set are the guns and genades. Even they can be duplicated close enough with the Lego Indy range of Nazis (Way to go Lego!)

    The "Terrorist" scarf is from the Star Wars Dengar Minifig, and the Bandoleer torso is from a Tuscan Raider (You can clearly see the capcitor thingy around the neck on it, hidden with the scarf... 30 seconds later I have my very own "CIA Operative!"


    Gosh darn it, he's all stock Lego! It's just some subversive stuck together parts from two different kits to make something new, shouldn't be allowed....

    I wonder what Lego made by Apple would do?!

    AC Coz I happened to have the Lego at work...

  64. Stewart Haywood

    Ban Lego men (and women, I ain't sexist)

    Mohammed Shafiq is getting upset about the wrong thing. He should be attacking every Lego figure, official or not. Islam says that the God of the Jews, Allah as he is called in Arabic, has forbiden anyone from creating an image of a person, animal or any of His creations. This is why Islamic art revolves about using ornate scripts.

    "As a parent myself, I'm going to teach my children respect for the law and respect for each and every community." says Mohammed on his blog. Does that include respect for Islamic law and, does he therefore not allow his children to play with dolls?

  65. Anonymous Coward

    @ Confusion

    You are partially correct. They were "freedom fighters" backed by Virgina farm boys way back in the day. However you should be aware that it's the policy of the US gubment and christians in action to change the "terrorist" "freedom fighter" designation when it suits them, when said individuals show signs of no longer wanting to be controlled by said alphabet soup organization, or when it suits a new and improved operational scope.

    Not bothering with going AC cus they'd be able to find out anway /waves to the nice government monitoring types :-).

  66. This post has been deleted by its author

  67. P. Lee
    Paris Hilton

    Why is killing people bad...

    but only if you're being racist?

  68. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Legoland jaundice epidemic By Chris

    "One of my colleagues just pointed out that it was only a couple of years ago that Lego started to produce the parts to make figures with brown heads and hands"

    That was specifically for the Mace Windu figure. Lego brought out a dark skinnedcharacter cos they didn't want to incurr the wrath of a fracked off Jedi with a motherfracking Lightsabre being portrayed as yellow.

  69. TeeCee Gold badge

    @Stewart Heywood

    "......says Mohammed on his blog."

    <Performs HUGE double-take>

    Ah! You mean Mohammed *Shafiq*. I thought somebody was off in fatwa land masquerading as Prophet 2.0 for a minute there.

    Now that would distract swivel-eyed attention from the Lego miniatures.

  70. Anonymous Coward


    Guns don't kill people... Lego kills people. But only if they are other little Lego people.

    Lego can hurt real people though - I made a great big sword once and hit my sister over the head with it and she cried for hours and I got sent to bed with no supper for doing that so I never did it again as I was a fat wee fecker and loved to eat. Probably would be treated as child cruelty these days so I'd not get punished and could hit my sister again and again without anyone doing anything as I would be a poor misunderstood kid. Stupid PC gubbinmint.

    Alien looks like a half starved me that night.

  71. Alan W. Rateliff, II
    Paris Hilton

    Plastic fodder

    @AC: No, plastic men are just fodder for FIRE CRACKERS. Oh, heck, can I say "cracker?"

    Paris, a mostly-plastic fire cracker.

  72. Joe Greene

    What no research?

    I would have at least expected the techy Reg types to have noted that BrickArms didn't call it Taliban, and possibly that it looked an awful lot like the Indiana Jones 'Desert Disguise' Lego character.

    Yet more evidence of articles written without research.

    Mines the one with pockets full of Lego

  73. Daniel B.

    Oh my...

    And here I thought it was one of the Playmobil reenactments, only done with LEGO ...

  74. Matthew
    Thumb Up


    That's gotta be worth something in a few years time

  75. tony trolle

    The US site has closed its ordering system due to overwhelming order volume.

    oh shoot (lol)

  76. Jamie

    Only one thing wrong with this

    I just went to the stie to see about getting a couple to stand guard over my work and home desk but the site is down due to high demand. This was at 10:41 GMT 08/12/08.

  77. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    So, it *looks* like one

    Does that mean it glorifies them? Just as all the jailhouses and criminal puppets glorify crime, right? Let's just shut down LEGO and ban imagination - that'll teach 'em.

  78. Ed

    Ummmmm Well someone has to say it

    I for one welcome our AK-47 weilding Lego overlords

  79. blackworx

    Damn wildfire free publicity!

    "We are currently closed while we catch up on an overwhelming amount of orders"

    Damn. I want one, and I want one of the SS guards, and I want them NOW!

  80. J


    Oh, c'mon... A little plastic thingie is now a threat, really? As mentioned before, this is not for kids. And second, pretending that something does not exist has never solved real problems, I suspect. Although yeah, such a toy for kids would be somewhat in poor taste -- I suspect the families of terrorism victims would not be very amused by the disrespect. Kinda like making Lego concentration camps, let's say. But if you don't like it, don't buy it.

    "Its just a modern day version of cowboys and indians! Good guys vs bad guys, where is the harm in that!"

    Maybe in the stupid maniquean view of the world that it encourages?

    That penguin looks like Lego/Playmobil.

  81. J

    @AC "Lego werent like this when i was a kid"

    "This was put together by an actual Reverend, its near enough the full bible portrayed in lego. Some of it is pure genius, the rev obviously has a sense of humour."

    Some reverend. Well, an atheist reverend maybe? :-)

    I have seen some of the books before, and in it he said he, an atheist of all people, was doing the series. So I went to the site to see if it was the same thing... Yes.

    The hint from his "content notice": "The Bible contains material some may consider morally objectionable and/or inappropriate for children. These labels identify stories containing: N = nudity S = sexual content V = violence C = cursing"

    Or from his description of the Book of Job: "The Bible's book of Job, which has just been illustrated by The Brick Testament, tackles these questions head-on and provides God's definitive answer on the matter. You should totally go read it. But if you don't, here's a paraphrase: "I'm God. I can do whatever I want and I don't have to answer to you. Now go sacrifice some animals."

  82. Anonymous Coward


    Even the one piece moulded Toy soldiers are getting in on the act, they come in green and NAZI grey...

    I have never seen a terrorist in a white ninja hood before though...

    I cant help thinking someone has become confused by the term 'Generic'...

    Where do the Tabloids find these idiots willing to comment on any subject? oh yeah I forgot its at the dole office. god forbid that someone with real subject knowledge may comment..

  83. ray hartman

    Know your enemy

    To complete the picture ya need a camo "forest" yeoman toting a scale 7-ft ash bow and 3-ft arrows. Mebby the bow "works" and can drive those arrows into the Mu'Jads backsides.

    Muzzi terrorists beware. You know that's gonna smart. THWACK !

  84. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    This is pretty shitty. For the people who think this is okay, I wonder what the backlash would be like if someone made holocaust lego complete with SS officers and all. Seems like a double standard would be a lot less socially acceptable.

  85. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No Koran?

    And where's the prayer mat FFS? Do the eyes swivel? And what about the laptop and video camera to edit and upload the latest hot atrocity straight to It can't be an authentic Allah's Little Helper without all the tools of the trade.

  86. Anonymous Coward

    Waste of money

    Don't buy one. I did and it blew up as soon as I got near it.

  87. The Fuzzy Wotnot
    Thumb Down

    Utter crap!

    Didn't see them shouting about Action Man, been around since 1960? Didn't see them shouting about toy guns for the last X number of years?

    Quick let us ban sticks that can be used as pretend guns and swords! Arghhhhhh!

    Get over yourselves, already!

  88. Steve
    Thumb Up

    Somebody needs to be making them

    Frankly, the Lego policemen didn't really stand a chance against the Giant Robots of Doom that most of my lego ended up as.

  89. Steve

    @ the two ACs: "bah" and "No Koran"

    To state the obvious by repeating myself: What exactly is wrong with that figurine? Is it really a terrorist? Is it in any way Islamic? Are you sheep that heed the calls of tabloid shepherd?

    @ bah: There IS also an SS figurine available in that range, obviously you wouldn't have known that because you didn't know our supposed Islamic terrorist is actually a headscarfed bandit (a Mexican one at that). Any inference to the Holocaust would be in one’s tiny mind only (ay least it won’t be a double standard if one also idiotically insists the bandit is an Islamic terrorist, so knock yourself out).

  90. Pete "oranges" B.

    Guns don't kill people...

    Lego kills people. But only if you eat certain varieties of the bricks. Thus the warning labels on the back of the boxes. Duh.

    And besides, It's /obviously/ a depiction of T.E. Lawrence, brought back to the future by the inventor of The Time Machine to aid Nikola Tesla and Alan Quartermain in an epic battle against Lovecraftian monstrosities unleashed on the eve of the New Millennium, "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" meets "Terminator" style. Duh.

    But in all seriousness, that hood mold was first used in the Ninja themed sets any. There's actually a little two pronged clip on the back to hold the katana piece. And those custom molded pieces from brickarms are perfect for those of us who use Lego as wargaming/RPG'ing materials. Hey, they're cheaper and more customizable than lead and you're set ups can morph as the game evolves.

    Getting my coat, I think I may have just com up with a new scenario!

  91. Anonymous Coward

    To quote George Carlin...

    ...and was probably said by someone before him...but he's the one I've heard more recently...

    "If 'fire fighters' fight fires and 'crime fighters' fight crime. What do 'freedom fighters' fight?"


    Personally, I love this idea. By reducing the threat to the toy level, we've officially turned the terrorists into something "make believe"...obviously, if its not real, it can't hurt us...


    Honestly, though...ROFLMAO!!! I can't wait until they get back online so I can get a couple to add to my LEGO collection.

  92. Frumious Bandersnatch
    IT Angle

    *cough cough*

    "Cowboys and Indians"

  93. Corrine

    Yet another laugh

    According to the info page, this whole dangerous operation is one guy plus his family helping him out.

    Is it *really* necessary to bitch about the activities of random people on the internet? Not to mention the whole fad of trying to pretend certain things never happen(ed).

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