back to article Nokia trims expectations again

Nokia has cut expectations of the mobile-phone market for the third time in as many months, while Palm is planning to cut costs by 20 per cent following a halving of sales. Less than a month ago Nokia predicted 330 million phones would ship in the last quarter of 2008, a prediction the company now thinks was optimistic - …


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  1. Albert Gonzalez
    Thumb Down

    Palm sales halved

    Of course their sales are halved ! I've been waiting for them to ptoduce a reasonable PDA to substitute my deceased Life Drive, and there's been nothing new in the last 3 years.

    Of course I'm not going to buy an outdated device at his original price. So i've started to search other devices, even if it gives me shivers to think in my data inside a windows smartphone :-(

  2. Charles Manning

    Nokia's biggest problem

    Nokia still have a growing market share, but that is mainly in the bottom-end low-margin phones. They've really lost market share at the more profitable top end to the iphone etc. and unles they get on the Google bandwagon or something like that they are unlikely to turn that trend around.

    The Christmas celebrating countries have pretty much been saturated with cell phones so there are not going to be many under the Christmas tree, therefore the Christmas sales bump can be expected to flatten off.

  3. Gene Cash Silver badge

    Don't buy a Nokia N800 or N810

    The new GUI is hideous and an amazing waster of screen space, battery life is shorter than a hamster's, and it crashes. A LOT. It makes Windows 95 look stable.

    Oh yeah, and the 810's built-in GPS takes about 5-8 MINUTES to get a fix. If it does. It's so bad I use a separate bluetooth unit.

    The only upside is you can easily write stuff in Python & pyGTK.

    And with all that, it's still better than anything Palm puts out.

  4. Ian Michael Gumby

    Nokia has a lot of interesting bones...

    Nokia has some potential only its not well organized.

    The N810 could be viable as a product if they had some removable external storage and a cell phone.

    I agree that Nokia's GPS units are weak. They work well enough to let you know roughly where you are. In the city, its hard for them to get a good sat signal and for some reason they don't recognize position from nearest cell tower like an iPhone which lacked GPS. (Its supposed to be the fall back).

    I have the E90 because of the keyboard. The camera is slow . There's a camera on the inner screen that looks like it would be good for a vid conference but will only work in the EU 3G, not on wi-fi.

    Again the E90's GPS is barely adequate. This is due to their choice of lower power chip sets and its a smaller chip set than what you find in other GPS systems.

    The potential is there. Its just that the software works barely well enough. Better code, better apps and they have a chance.

  5. mario

    The shit has hit the fan

    nothing more to add. That sound you're listening to is the echoes of the economy as it's flushed down toilet.

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