back to article Microsoft to embed RSA data cop in Windows

Microsoft is adopting technology from EMC's RSA security division for Windows to police data and prevent loss and theft of information. The companies announced Thursday Microsoft will license RSA's data loss prevention (DLP) engine for future versions of Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, and "similar" products. Microsoft …


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  1. Bill Cumming
    Paris Hilton

    I can see it now....

    You buy a licence for Exchange or other server product.... after a year, if you don't pay M$ for a renewal licence or M$ thinks your running an illegal product , it encrypts all your Emails and data, then you have to pay M$ a licence fee for the decrypt key...

    Paris 'cause she don't go down more than a Microsoft Server does...

  2. alain williams Silver badge

    Another lock in ?

    ''RSA's DLP Suite 6.5 will be "integrated tightly" with its Active Directory rights management services''

    So if you are running a different LDAP server will things still work, or is this an attempt to shut out other (non MS) file/... servers?

  3. Inachu

    The horror!

    This will be sad as I am sure Microsoft will have made it mandatory to tie Windows Desktop search to this future RSA product and Window by itsellf will be slowed down so bad that by the time the client has been using Windows for over 2 years they will need to defrag and delete temp files on a daily basis to just keep the OS fast and vaible enough for business use.

    This makes me think the next step is to make the end users hard drive default speed at 15k RPM instead of the current 5,000 or 7,500 RPM as it is today.

    Microsoft really needs to stop hogging windows with more and more drivers that need to stay loaded in memory 5 years from now the way Microsoft is heading it seem the default system memory will be 8 gig of system ram should be available for system resources.

    I really do hope a OS comes out that is not such a memory hog.

  4. Robert Moore

    Microsoft security

    Can you say oxymoron?

  5. Pierre

    Win... what?

    Does anyone sensible still use this OS anyway?

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