back to article Microsoft warns customers against bogus 'Blue Edition' Office

Microsoft has today filed 63 lawsuits against online auctioneers in 12 countries who allegedly sold pirated copies of MS software on sites including its own MSN shopping network. The company said the number of counterfeit Microsoft goods sold online was getting out of hand. “Dishonest auctioneers are too often using these …


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  1. Alan Fisher


    Microsoft warned consumers to “remain vigilant” when shopping online.

    I certainly will, especially if the Blue edition is cheaper than the MS versions!! I jest, I jest!

    Someone had to say it, and I decided that someone should be me ;)

  2. Ed

    I find it quite amusing...

    ...that the most counterfeited Microsoft software is WinXP and *not* Vista. Not surprising, but amusing nevertheless.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    OS of choice?

    "Windows XP is the product most heavily pirated by counterfeiters..."

    The counterfeiters aren't making much money from Vista either then?

    Paris because I'd counterfeit her vista's ;p

  4. Mage Silver badge


    XP more pirated than Vista?

    What a surprise.

    Perhaps if MS would let people buy it and let OEMs install it as standard?

  5. Chris Richards

    I guess...

    That the 'high quality' refers to the counterfeiting, and not the product itself!!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    law of demand and supply ...

    Most pirated is XP.... Of coure it is my dear Watson. Since you can't get it from MS anymore and there obviously is still a large demand for it ...

    See a need , fill a need , make a buck along the way. Basic laws of business...

  7. robbie
    Gates Horns

    Get your copy here

    Micro$oft VizTa for sale, suitable for renovation, with substantial Yawho? Toolbar. Please send a blank CD and $40 to

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Little Grammar Bits...

    "...said Microsoft ass. general counsel David Finn in a statement..."

    Shouldn't it read:

    ...said Microsoft Ass General counsel David Finn in a statement...


  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    just say no...

    to pirated MS office... get for free

    Apart from no Outlook mail client, it'll handle MS Excel, Word & Powerpoint docs (if you really need to save in that format).

    I read (probably on here) MS make more money out of Office than Windows, so vote with your (legal) wallet & visit

  10. Doug Glass

    @Alan Fisher

    The "Blue Edition" is free if you really want it. I've heard it's on every torrent site on the internet. I've also heard you need to scan every installation with every anti-virus and anti-malware program you can get your hands on.

  11. theotherone
    Gates Horns

    wanna bet

    wanna bet that even if Microsoft gave Vista for free, it still wouldn't beat XP in terms of number of downloads and usage????????????

  12. Tom

    Gray market

    MS seems to like putting gray market product in the same basket as outright counterfeits. I can never trust their numbers...

    The only way people buy Vista is already installed on a computer, So the only bootlegs will be on computers sold by small Chinese clone shops around the world.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    I thought selling illegal copies of Windows

    was MS's job?

  14. TeeCee Gold badge

    Marketing opportunity!

    Here's an idea for MS's marketing boys.

    Post a load of online ads such as: "W1nd0ws XP!!!!!11!! Cheap!!!!!! Buy discounted XP heer!!!!11111!!! D0wnl0ad now!!!". When your fish bites and pays you should then, er, give him a genuine copy of XP......

    (NB: to keep the stuffed shirts happy, you could include a free Vista upgrade, not that anyone'll want it.)

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Don't Microsoft have a replacement scheme for pirate software?

    So, you could buy a cheap version of Windows/Office from an auction site, "find out" that it's a pirate edition, and then send it to MS for a nice legit replacement version.

  16. Luke

    Am I the only one who read..

    "said Microsoft ass" and immediately wondered which one?

  17. Michael Nielsen

    find it amusing

    That a company complains about pirating of a "discontinued" product.

    tbh, when a company stops support, and selling a product, it's rights should stop as well, so that customers that are/were using that product is not shafted.

  18. Geoff Mackenzie

    "high-quality” counterfeit software

    So what are MS worried about then? Oh, word order, I see, yes, sorry.

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Don't buy bogus versions...

    ...just head on over to your friendly Swedish torrent site and get it for free. Maybe that's what Microsoft would prefer people to do..?

  20. Jacob Reid
    Paris Hilton

    high quality

    Explains why people are pirating XP but not vista.

  21. AJ
    Thumb Down

    Well Maybe...

    ... Microsoft should create software and operating systems that are not easily copied or hack proof - and maybe they should realise the price they charge for their software is outrageous!!

  22. Lewis Mettler

    what about illegal antitrust sales by Microsoft

    I can understand if Microsoft wants to eliminate pirated copies.

    But, what about stuff sold by Microsoft in violation of US antitrust laws? Do they not count?

    The US Appellate court did decide that IE commingled with the OS was illegal. Yet Microsoft continues to produce such a product. Maybe the pirated copies are also commingled and that is why Microsoft thinks they should be eliminated?

    More likely Microsoft management just thinks only it can engage in illegal commerse and profit thereby.

  23. Anonymous Coward

    /gasps, shocked and horrified expression

    ROFL, ok ok so that was a totally bull shit reaction. Really it was /points and laughs at M$. Seriously given who were talking about is it really surprising they can't keep pirated copies of their own software of their own auction site? I mean really... seriously.... nono really seriously, who is surprised?? Anyone, anyone?? Show of hands please.

  24. adnim

    Taking advantage

    “Dishonest auctioneers are too often using these online auction sites to sell counterfeit and illegal copies of Microsoft software, taking advantage of unsuspecting customers around the world,”

    Taking advantage of unsuspecting customers around the world..

    /me shakes head at the hippocracy.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Those evil pirates! Of course they NEVER have legit licenses..

    I have "pirated" XP in the past - purely because I've lost the CD - and Microsoft would rather I have shelled out for a whole new license! In addition to that; I'd now be prepared to pirate it because its so hard to get your hands on now!

    If MS wont sell me the software; they shouldn't complain when I just go off and get it from somewhere else.

    [Similarly; I've used this Blue Edition of MS Office - and it was actually to evaluate office. I didnt want to shell out for a big disappointment... In the end I went with OO. I do NOT need MORE bloat installed on the Windows boxes I manage - the OS is enough thankyou!]

  26. Jodo Kast
    Thumb Down

    Who's the noob at Microsoft?

    So Microsoft, where do I purchase a copy of Windows XP for my new computer that I put together from parts? You don't sell it anymore, as far as I know. What seems to be the problem with copying it now?

    I will not install Vista because there is no reason to waste electricity on a ridiculous interface, I don't need UAC because I know what I'm doing. I want XP.

    I think companies like Microsoft need to wake up. It's ridiculous. Do they realize that from my point of view, they have BURNED all of the goodwill they earned over the last few decades?

    Based on their OS fiasco, I recommend to everyone I know: Avoid Microsoft until they start selling XP again. Vista is not green. It's nothing but pain watching and waiting for Vista to boot up, and Microsoft is out of excuse. We're fed up with you.

  27. Doug Glass

    @ Jodo Kast

    $269.99. Free shipping

    I got my copies of the real thing several years ago for $129.00...Upgrades for something like $99. My how times, and demand, have changed.

  28. tony trolle

    I liked office 97

    I did, then I had 2000 lost the disc box, so I ended up with oOo. 2.4

    The 'blue' I believe is an 1st edition of office 2007 enterprise

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