back to article VoIP is coming to the iPod Touch

VoIP provider Truphone has ported its VoIP client to the iPod Touch, enabling the music player to make free phone calls over Wi-Fi networks, but only to other Truphone users for the moment. Truphone's iPhone application has been around for a while, enabling VoIP calls over Wi-Fi connections, but the application deliberately …


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  1. Richard Cartledge


    Does the iPod Touché have a microphone? Did the iPhone Touché Mk I have one?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bought an iPhone instead?

    | It's not clear how many iPod Touch users want to make phone calls on their device - one

    | imagines such people would have bought an iPhone -

    No I wouldn't have bought an iPhone. I already had a perfectly good phone, on another carrier, and even if I had wanted one, I had no desire to switch (back) to AT&T.

    But now that it's possible to make calls from my Touch, I can imagine times I might want to use it to make a call instead. I'm certain you can too, so I won't spell it out.

    There needs to be a new icon for 'someone's clearly not thinking things through.'

  3. ben

    Jailbrake me

    There have been similar apps out of a while for various iterations of the touch. This is just the first commercial one*

    *read un jailbroken.

  4. TimBiller
    Jobs Halo

    @Richard Cartledge

    No, neither generation of the iPod Touch has a mike, hence the reference in the article to having to buy one.

    The 2nd Gen does have a (crappy beyond belief) speaker, so a dangly bit of expensive doorbell wire (doubtless in "mug me, I have an expensive and desireable gadget white") is required.


  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Is there nothing an Apple can't do?"

    Sure, several things - like (mostly on the iPhone):

    - allow tethering (you're already paying for unlimited data, might as well use your laptop with it)

    - offer uncrippled Bluetooth (OBEX file transfers, wireless syncinc, A2DP)

    - allow installation of programs via other something else than the godawful iTunes

    - cut-n-paste for crying out loud

    Mind you, I think AN Apple could do these things, it's THE Apple which doesn't allow them. "Why" is left as an exercise for the reader.

  6. Steve
    Thumb Down

    Apart from...

    ...the fact that the 1st gen iPod touch doesn't support this yet, and that there have been other apps which do VoIP on the 2nd Gen touch already (Fring for instance, which does Skype and VoIP and MSN type things) and that Truphone has been out for a fortnight already and that the £20 quid microphone set isn't available on the Apple store yet and isn't compatible with the 1st gen touch...

    Nice article.

    Did Truphone send you a press release or something? ;-)

  7. MacRat

    VOIP already exists on the iPod touch

    Perhaps you have forgotten about Fring?

  8. yeah, right.

    Dear Reg

    Please teach your people about the difference between "press release" and "news". Or at least have them mark the press releases as such. Just a little bit of research outside the parameters of the press release would also be useful to a news organization.

    You're supposed to be biting the hand that feeds I.T., not sharing back scratching duties with it.

  9. George Oommen


    Hmmm...ok I have a nokia 6220c I bought ages ago for 50 quid on ebay....on pay as you go i get:

    unlimited skype

    unlimited (well 3GB data)

    unlimited push email

    a 5MP camera


    TomTom 6 with maps upto Russia and the US (thanks Piratebay!)

    and I have SKype, MSN messenger Truphone etc running simultaneously, PLUS push email over HSDPA....

    bluetooth keyboard cost a bit but ligter an more battery than a netbook....

    costs me a fiver a month on 3!

  10. andy
    Paris Hilton

    Microphone for Touch 2

    The new mic/earphones promised at the iPod Touch V2 launch may not be available yet but a standard iPhone headset works perfectly well using a Touch 2 with Fring.

    Icon? Just because...

  11. Mage Silver badge

    Phone calls?

    WiFi only carrier connection isn't my definition of phone calls.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @George Oommen

    Yeah, you might have a cheap nokia, but it's still a cheap nokia.

    Paris, because she's also cheap and nasty.

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