back to article AMD chip sales crashed in Q4

Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices will be disappointing Wall Street once again. But, then again, Wall Street has been particularly disappointing for the past several months itself. AMD this morning issued a terse two-line statement explaining the situation. The first sentence explained that for the quarter ending December 27 …


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  1. theotherone
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    yeah right...

    yeah blame it all on the financial crisis.....not the fact that your competitors are tearing you a new one with their superior and better priced products........ learned a lot from the Detroit mob have they?

    Seriously, Amd and Ati suck donkey ass furiously, I've never ever had an Amd system which wasn't total bollox, overheated and caused a host of "issues".

  2. Anonymous Coward

    AMD Backfire

    AMD really shouldn't have taken on Intel at their own game. The TLB error in the Phenom was a complete fiasco. Even though the chances of crashing were remote when you take so long to put out a product you have to make it 100%.

    The Phenom may very well prove to be the chip that broke AMD's back it simply wasn't good enough to take on the 45n Conroe's let alone the i7.

    AMD should have remained a follower. Instead of complaining about Intel and the trust issues they should have spent the money on R&D and concentrated on their market position and their products. Complaining continually solves nothing. Intel like the way they are made and with the i7 they have opened up another tin of whoop ass over AMD.

    ATI have also suffered under AMD ownership we are back to the bad old shitty driver issue days and the last build of Catalyst sucked big time. I have had a number of issues and I will be switching back to nvidia for my next card.

    AMD will probably end up complaining about that as well.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why stocks go up on bad news

    It's called insider trading. The word leaks out in advance of the announcement; insiders sell or short-sell their stock, driving down the price. Then when it's announced, they buy stock back at a lower price, from the people who only found out about it. Works the same way on good news -- the stock rises before the news is announced, then drops as those who bought the stock sell it to those who just found out. I noticed this happening to Sun stock a lot in the '90s.

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