back to article LG FA163DAB 160W iDock micro hi-fi system

Once a real power-player in the world of hi-fi micro systems, LG's standing has suffered as portable players have grown in popularity. In a spirit of 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em', LG is now looking to unite the world of portable MP3 and the micro. Perhaps not a company immediately associated with high-quality sound, LG …


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  1. James Pickett


    But is the sound as good as the Aego M system at nearly half the price? I bet it isn't, Mark Levinson or no Mark Levinson. Also, neither having nor desiring an iPod, I find the 'dock' a positive discouragement, as must everyone else with other types of MP3 player...

  2. netean

    don't charge to improve sound

    This is something I simply cannot undrestand, the ipod being arguably top of the line in terms of portable audio players (at least in terms of market share and public perception), but playing and charging are virtually impossible as the interference for the charging is attrocious.

    The ipod has gone through what, 6/7 updates and it's still a huge problem.

    Well done lg for giving that as an option I say!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Does The Remote Allow Scrolling?

    Most "iPod-inspired" designs have a circle and buttons, but no circular scrolling. The circle is usually just a placebo.

    It *looks* like that is the case here. It would be nice if I was wrong.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    The second midrange woofer

    Regarding the "worse, the top drivers are just for decoration and entirely non-functional"...

    Are you sure the second "non-functional" midrange isn't really a passive radiator?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "cheap cables"?

    I suppose you'll be wanting some huile du serpent to go with those rare earth cables with the oxidised platinum connectors and gold-plated aura-enhancing vibe-filters

  6. Michael Wright
    Paris Hilton

    "Sluggish" iPods??

    "Some of the flatness and sluggish response that can be a feature of iPod playback is gone, and ultimately there is more bounce and a more natural feeling to the sound."

    Does this mean anything? In particular, what is "sluggish response"? The review also talks about the unit's response to complex rhythms. What features, exactly, are involved hear? The audiophile-grade toe-tap quantum nucleizer?

    Paris, because she seems to *like* a load of bollocks.

  7. martinX
    Thumb Down

    Scroll wheel on unit.

    I took one of these for a spin and hated the control on the front. It's supposed to be touch-sensitive but its sensitivity left a lot to be desired. When I want to turn the volume up, don't make me try and figure out exactly how I'm supposed to place my finger in order to get the system to respond. Pity, because otherwise it was an OK system. I ended up getting a Panasonic.

  8. Scott Mckenzie


    Guys if you don't understand, just accept, or go away and read.... people rant and rave about crap reviews on here and when someone actually posts information that is meaningful (i.e. sluggish response, bounce, natural etc...) they get slapped down!

    Speaker cables do make a difference, accept it.

    As for an Aego M comparison - a bit harsh.... whilst i agree the Aego M is absolutely stunning, a) it's not half the price and b) it's only a set of speakers, there is no DAB radio, no iPod dock etc... handy if you don't need them but not exactly an apples with apples comparison!!!

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