back to article Nokia launches latest flagship 'superphone'

Nokia has unveiled its latest flagship handset: the N97, which it claims is the “world’s most advanced mobile computer”. Nokia_N97_01 Nokia's N97: flagship It may look like the old Communicator series, but the N97 is no clamshell. It sports a 3.5in, 16:9 widescreen touch-sensitive display with a slide-out Qwerty keyboard …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    looks pathetic. Hopefully it won't be as flush as it looks. And the angle of the are you meant to work with it, put it on a desk and type?

    Anyway, am thrilled by my TP. Need the mother of all pro phones, get the Touch Pro.

  2. Bel Fegore

    All hail the new iPhone crusher

    New Superphone! iPhone crusher! Most advanced phone ever! 48gigs! I want it NOW!

    Oh, I see, it is not out quite yet - not for another six month. And it is a bit brick like... and next year we'll see 64gig storage in mobiles anyway. And a resistive screen, rather than capacitive. Symbian OS with 'touch enhancements'.... £440 without contract, well, I guess that is the price for progress.

    I love the 'widgets' thou' what a breakthrough!

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Moving on from the flush the hell did they decide on the layout???

    Mine is the one looking for my TP

  4. Tom Howarth
    Paris Hilton

    Very Nice bit

    Very nice but how the hell do you actually use it as a phone!!!!!! where is the freaking number pad.

    and Paris, because although nice to look at it doesn't appear to do anything useful

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    interesting they've missed out the tv tuner!

  6. Monkey


    Errm, same way as all the other touch screen phones. Push the button to switch to telephone mode and use the on screen number pad. Not meaning to sound patronising but I thought it was obvious!

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